5 Reasons why Ronaldo’s move to Juventus might be a masterstroke

UEFA Champions League’Real Madrid v Liverpool FC’

The social platforms broke down upon hearing Cristiano Ronaldo’s rumoured move from Real Madrid to Juventus. The 5-time Ballon dor winner is considered one of the greatest players of all time and will make any team stronger with his presence.

Cristiano Ronaldo has spent last 9 years at Real Madrid winning 15 trophies with the Los Blancos including 4 UEFA champions league titles. He has won 4 ballon dors while at Madrid and has his name inscribed in the history books. But it seems time to leave has come for the Portuguese with Juventus looking like his next possible destination. With the move seeming beneficial for everyone we look at how this could be a great decision for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here are the 5 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo’s rumoured move might be a masterstroke for him:

#1 Become the first player ever to do it with 3 teams

Cristiano Ronaldo

No one possesses a CV like that of Cristiano Ronaldo. 5 UCLs, 5 ballon dor,3 premier league title, 2 la Liga titles and the list goes on and on-make him one of the most decorated players of all time. But one interest point to note is that Ronaldo won every trophy possible for both the major clubs he played for. Repeating such a feat with a different club in a different league will solidify his status as the greatest player of all time

#2 Chance to link up with Higuain and Dybala

Juventus attack looks scary

It is fair to say Ronaldo was sometimes let down by his Real Madrid teammates. With Benzema’s inconsistency and bale’s injury-plagued seasons, Ronaldo has been the one carrying Real Madrid over the line. The 33-year-old will relish playing alongside the Argentine duo. With pressure eased off his shoulders a bit, Ronaldo could smash records in Serie A as well.

#3 Will get the much-needed appreciation

Juventus Trophy Parade

No offence to Real Madrid’s fans but their hostility is well known throughout the world. Often blamed of booing their own players, Real don’t have a very encouraging fan base. Cristiano Ronaldo is probably Real Madrid’s greatest player of all time. Despite being their face for the last 9 years, the Portuguese has faced the wrath of Los Blancos fan base one too many times.

Things are different in Italy. Fans appreciate loyalty, dedication and hard work more than anything. Juventus are one the most supported clubs throughout Europe and the old lady is considered a fortress courtesy of Juventus’s homegrown fan base. Other clubs find it hard to play in Turin against Juventus all because of their loud and ever supporting fans.

#4 Keep him still in the hunt

While a move to China or PSG might have been better moneywise but Ronaldo’s position at the top would have trembled. PSG do have a great team but considering the fact that there is not much competition in Ligue 1, a move to PSG wouldn’t have benefitted Ronaldo much.

Things would have gone way down the road if Ronaldo moved to China. This would’ve surely meant the end of Ronaldo at the supreme level.

But a move to Juventus is wise as he still will be plying his trade in one of the top leagues of the world at a prestigious club. This will keep Ronaldo in the hunt for individual glory as well.

#5 Played for the most decorated club in England,


and now Italy

Playing for Manchester United or Real Madrid or Juventus is a dream of every footballer let alone all three of them. But Cristiano Ronaldo is on the cusp of donning the famous Juventus shirt thus making him a man apart. BY completing his move to Turin, Ronaldo can boast about playing for the most decorated club in England, Spain and now Italy. Is there anything that this man has not in his career?

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