Manchester United Referendum: Fans Vote on Jose Mourinho to Leave or Remain

Fans flocked to Old Trafford to have their say on Jose Mourinho’s future as voting got underway in The Sportsman’s Manchester Referendum.

As the embattled gaffer scuffled on the Stamford Bridge touchline, supporters queued up at a polling station outside the ground looking to settle the once in a generation question of whether Mourinho should remain or leave as Manchester United manager.

The ballot – believed to be the first of its kind – is running throughout the pivotal week for The Special One as his side prepare to face Juventus at home in the Champions League on Tuesday night, shutting at midnight after the match against Everton at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Thousands of supporters have already made their voice heard, casting votes online and by post with early polling showing ‘leave’ ahead at 54%.

Speaking to The Sportsman from the booth outside the United Ground, a fan wearing a ‘Mourinho Out’ shirt said: “I’m a die-hard member of the Mourinho Out camp. He’s more than had his time here and the sooner he leaves and we strike a deal with Zidane the better.

“I’m confident the people will see sense and ignore the spin from the In side who blame everyone but the gaffer for our current dire situation.”

Just one fan present at the ground was willing to go on record as a Mourinho remain supporter. John Kelly, 39 of Manchester said: “It’s the board that needs to go not Jose. He’s one of the best managers in the world and with a bit more money and some time he can turn the corner.

“The out campaigners are getting vocal so I urge everyone who wants him to stay to come and show their support and make their voices heard.”

Harris Simpson of The Sportsman, the Manchester-based publisher behind the campaign, commented: “The Mourinho In/Out debate has never been more intense so we thought to settle it once and for all we needed to let the people have their say.

“Early signs suggest the Leave camp are just ahead and based on initial turnout this looks like it could be one of the biggest acts of football democracy in history.”

Latest voting as of 11.00 Wednesday morning.

– 55% Mourinho remain

– 45% Mourinho leave

– 15,672 votes cast.

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