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86FB Mum As Flutterwave Reveals Why It Suspended Its Account

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After a series of scandals, 86FB has suspended its account, with the company alleging it colluded with police. But what exactly did it do to justify the suspension? Here’s a look at how the company has responded to the 86FB mum. This article will explore the main issues surrounding 86FB’s suspension. Read on to find out why the company is so keen to protect its users.

86FB mum claims her number was used in a fraud

A mum who has become a victim of a scam on social media has revealed how her phone number has been misused in a website called ’86FB.’ The website is a Ponzi scheme which claims to give you money for doing nothing, but in reality, the site is a fraudulent operation. The company behind 86FB has since shut down their platform, but it seems that many other users aren’t willing to give up on it.

The website Flutterwave has denied the claims, stating that the site had suspended the accounts of affected traders. As a result, 86FB claims the company had colluded with the police to keep the money from their traders. 86FB has also asked affected Nigerians to go to their investment firm and demand the money back. However, Flutterwave has denied all allegations. Currently, the site is operating as a “fraud protection plan,” meaning that all 86FB customers are required to provide photo ID before porting their numbers to another company.

86FB suspends its account

The 86FB investors are demanding their funds back. The company has blamed its woes on fintech company Flutterwave, saying the fintech has frozen their funds and aims to extort them. However, the fintech company has kept mum about the matter. The reason behind its action is that it discovered that merchants registered with 86FB were transacting different business than the one they registered with. Consequently, the company had to shut down their operation.

86FB claims to be an investment platform that concentrates on football, and claims to partner with William Hill, a global online gambling company that uses statistics and probability to make predictions. It is unclear whether the platform will survive the turbulence following the recent collapse of a number of other Ponzi investments. The company also claims to be owned by the City Football Group, which has been accused of running several Ponzi schemes in Nigeria.

86FB accuses Flutterwave of colluding with the police to freeze its account

86FB, a popular online investment platform, is suing Fintech company Flutterwave, claiming that it is unable to run efficiently and is colluding with the police to freeze the account. The company, which specializes in football betting, claimed that the funds were belonging to Nigerians who had been trapped by Flutterwave. The company also urged investors to join its campaign to force Flutterwave to refund its investors.

86FB’s claims to be a Ponzi scheme are largely based on its claims to offer high returns to investors. Despite this, many have warned that the football investment scheme could collapse. Twitter user @iamjonado has also branded 86FB as a fake, “make-up” Ponzi scheme. Flutterwave also accuses Flutterwave of colluding with the police to freeze its account.

Flutterwave responds to 86FB

Investors have been waiting for the 86FB investment platform to reveal its reasons for suspending its account. They were promised a payment once the company had refunded their money. The investment platform uses hedge fund arbitrage to earn stable returns from sports gambling with low risks. The company is headed by Dr. Ugo Anieto, an associate professor of microbiology and inventor of the antibiotic Anietocin.

The suspension of the 86FB account was triggered by a NewsUltraPro investigation, which found that the merchants were transacting a business other than the one they had registered with the company. The findings breached regulatory necessity and Flutterwave’s terms of service. The retailer’s operation was terminated due to this discrepancy. It is unclear if the suspension is the result of a fraud investigation or a misunderstanding between the two companies.

86FB settles all funds due to merchants

Investors in 86FB have demanded that their money be released, accusing the fintech company Flutterwave of freezing their funds. The fintech company claims to be focusing on football and has partnered with William Hill, a global online gambling company. The firm said in a statement that it would not succumb to unreasonable acts and has asked investors to help enforce the release of their funds.

In the meantime, the 86z and a similar scammer from Nigeria have been claiming to run international businesses. These fraudsters have made millions of people fooled by their false promises. The first time I fell for an 86fb scam, I was suspicious. The company claimed to be a registered foreign company in the UK. After I invested money with them, I was paid, but the business abruptly stopped operating.

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