High Odds Predictions

Finding high odds betting tips could help you bring big winnings when you hit them. Our Experts share free high odds predictions and tips. Improve your high odds betting.

07 August 2020
05 August 2020
EUR Inter – Getafe OV2.5 2 – 0
03 August 2020
NOR Sandnes Ulf – Ranheim GG 2 – 1
30 July 2020
NOR Rosenborg BK – Viking 1 3 – 0
SVN Triglav Kranj – N. Gorica X2 0 – 5
24 July 2020
NOR Valerenga IF – Avaldsnes IL OV 2.5 2 – 1
UKR Metalist 1925 – Prykarpattya 1 3 – 1
UKR Rukh Vinnyky – Girnik-Sport 1 2 – 1
18 July 2020
NOR Kvik Halden – Floro 1 2 – 1
NOR Tromsdalen Uil – Senja FK 1 1 – 2
NOR Fredrikstad – Hodd 1 1 – 0
NOR Arendal FK – Fram Larvik 1 4 – 0


Finding High odds betting tips could help you bring big winnings when you hit them. Our tipsters share free high odds predictions and tips. Improve your high odds betting.

Our expert tipsters at Winonbetonline have a huge range of tips and bets to help you find value and winners across a wide range of sports.

At Winonbetonline, we specialize in providing regular football bets that are packed full of knowledge and insight, all with the intention of assisting our followers with their gambling activity. Each and every bet we offer out to visitors of our website are thoroughly researched and placed at the strongest bookmaker odds on the market, so we always look to make both reliable and worthwhile football tips.

We’re utterly passionate about football and aim to cover all angles of it. From the extensive fixture list in England through the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two, to the exciting additional football being played out in Europe through the Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga and French Ligue 1, we’ve got tips for every occasion – all while proudly endorsing responsible gambling.

High odds tips are updated every day. We calculate the stats and choose best super tips daily. We choose only the best statistical tips, which are based on our stats and trends. Serving them on the plate for you to save all the hassle and time. Our selections are always straight forward and we like to keep things simple when putting our free super tips together. The bets we construct are pulled from a variety of leagues in Europe, South America and any other continent where football is currently being played.

Top rules of successful betting by High odds tips

1. Bet only if it is within your power! Many people bet with a whole bank in the attempt to generate profits for a short period of time. This is a wrong approach. Bets must always be
risk-based event with a maximum of 30% of your bank, so that you will have a chance to recover in case there are any losses. And do not do it immediately, but gamble sensibly and waiting for the right events.

2. Bet this amount that you
can afford! If you approach with the idea that it is crucial to win a certain sum of money, gambling can become a nightmare. We are reminding again that you should not gamble with the entire bank and for a short term.

3. Do not make a
huge columns regarding the number of matches! The fewer games you choose, the better it is for you. The best option is single match. Turn your number of matches into your selection in cash probabilities of winning and losing. Purely
statistical, the larger is the number of matches you select, the greater is the chance your column is a loss.

4. Always try to find the bookmaker who offers the best terms and odds! Remember that in the long run even the difference of
one-tenth of the ratio will be important.However, sometimes circumstances hinder the election of a bookmaker according to the country you are currently in. And we comply with that.

5. There is no perfect strategy that will always bring
profits! But there are those who are often profitable and those who are frequently less profitable. Our betting system works in your favor and guarentee a 85% profit.

6. Play with a long-term goal! Bookies prosper from the fact that
almost all participants want to win very soon and with minimal effort and bet.

7. Do not bet under the influence of emotions! If they are negative, the effect is double.Have you noticed how likely it is to sink more and more in your
attempt to recover the lost ticket? Well, stop for a moment and realize! Quick profits are always spent quickly.Therefore we advise you to bet wisely and in moderation. Profits come in the long term.

8. Place your bets for teams and
players you know and know the nature of their game! Otherwise you risk losing, deceived by some seemingly attractive odds given by bookmakers, do so by them to confuse you.

9. Do not bet under the influence of alcohol or drugs! These are
drugs that act very relaxing and you can easily run out of money in your account.
10. Bet with a strategy. Chaotic betting can bring you a partial success, but in the long run you are doomed to lose the accumulated profit have it not been  downloaded beforehand. Therefore it is very important to look professionally on football betting, not to be thinking it is just a game. If it was a game, there would be no money involved.