Play Consciously 18+

The government and the Gaming Commission have been campaigning for years in the fight against gambling addiction. You cannot have missed the slogan Play consciously 18+ . But what exactly does this slogan mean and what can you learn from it? If you want to be responsible with your football betting, then it is certainly wise to look into this.

Betting with a strict minimum age limit of 18 years

Almost all countries have a strict minimum age limit for betting on football. In the Nigerians, that limit is 18 years old, the age at which we are officially considered an adult by law. The age limit of 18 is there for a reason. For adults it is sometimes difficult to keep betting under control, but for young people this is completely problematic. They are more likely to take large risks because they simply cannot foresee the consequences. This can lead to gambling debts or even gambling addiction at a young age. The government will of course do everything it can to prevent this. The slogan Play consciously 18+ should help with that.

However, not everyone under the age of 18 simply accepts the rules of the government. Therefore, the bookmakers themselves are responsible for respecting the minimum age limit. They are obliged to carry out checks on new players, for example by asking for a copy of your passport. Young people can provide a wrong date of birth when registering, making them look older than they are, but with a check they still fall through the basket. Then it is immediately done with betting on football. In addition, the bookmakers monitor everything that happens on the platform. There is only a suspicion that a player that is too young is active, and the account is quickly blocked. It has to be, because bookmakers can get into big trouble if they don’t follow the rules.

You must also be aware of the risks above the age of 18

Young people under the age of 18 are particularly susceptible to the dangers of online betting. But that does not mean that you are not at risk if you are legally old enough to place a football bet. That is why the government also speaks of ‘playing consciously’ when you enter a bookmaker’s platform.

Playing consciously means that you should always use your football bets wisely. That means, for example, that you know when it is time to stop. You are wrong if you regularly lose yourself in emotions, so that you keep betting to make up for the lost bets. Moreover, football betting should not completely control your life. Betting is fun and exciting, but it gets dangerous when it’s all you care about. The harmless pastime then suddenly turns into a potential addiction. Anyone who plays consciously takes a step back every now and then and takes a critical look at their own gambling behaviour. In this way you will automatically find out whether you are acting responsibly or whether you may have to take measures after all.

Take a closer look at your own playing behavior every now and then

The government slogan devised to make you aware of the dangers of (online) gambling. You may think you don’t need such awareness at all. Admittedly, the vast majority of football bettors have everything well under control. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to occasionally check whether gambling behavior is still within the safe standard. After all, there are plenty of examples of bettors who unknowingly ended up in the danger zone.

Problems with football betting usually develop gradually. But once you’re in the danger zone, it’s hard to turn the tide. That is why it is important that you recognize the signals so that you can intervene in time. For example, can you not stop betting and are you therefore spending more money than is actually sensible? Or do you just keep betting in the effort to make up for previous losses (with emotions no doubt running higher and higher)? These are already clear signs that football betting may lead to serious financial problems. So it is high time to take action. Your social contacts can also be an indication that this beautiful hobby is starting to become problematic. If you start neglecting your surroundings and yourself because your mind is only on football betting, then you know you’re doing it wrong and that something needs to change. By occasionally looking critically at your playing behavior, you will hopefully be ahead of the real problems.

Responsible betting with the help of the bookmaker

Play consciously 18+ is sometimes easier said than done. That is why it is so nice that you are not alone. The online betting shops have certain obligations that help you to stay out of the danger zone.

Bookmakers have quite an extensive range of duties. They put all kinds of sports bets online, determine the odds, offer help via customer service and they take care of all practical betting matters. But it doesn’t stop there. They have also been mandated by the government to provide protection to anyone who bets through the platform, including protection against gambling addiction. One of the ways to meet that obligation is to monitor players and intervene where necessary. If a bookmaker finds that your way of betting is becoming irresponsible, you can just be imposed a personal limit. Blocking your account is another option, although it is really a last resort. In addition, bookmakers usually also offer you the option to set your own playing limits. Don’t want to spend more than 100 euros a week on your hobby? This is arranged at the touch of a button. Finally, bookmakers have all kinds of information on their website about what to do if betting on football does get out of hand. Play consciously 18+ is a matter of identifying problems in time and taking action if necessary. Then your ambitions in football betting will probably be fine. Play consciously 18+ is a matter of identifying problems in time and taking action if necessary. Then your ambitions in football betting will probably be fine. Play consciously 18+ is a matter of identifying problems in time and taking action if necessary. Then your ambitions in football betting will probably be fine.