Responsible Gaming

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The purpose of the company is to ensure quality entertainment, offering the opportunity to do it in an absolutely safe and regulated way, with fun and in a secure environment. We want players to have fun on our website, so we urge everyone to play responsibly. Our prevention policy aims to reduce the negative effects of gambling and to promote responsible gaming. We believe it is our responsibility to make sure that the experience of gaming is enjoyable and exciting, but at the same time we remind our users of the possible negative social and financial effects resulting from pathological dependence on gambling.Borrowing money to gamble, spend resources in excess of its budget and use money intended for other purposes is not only unwise but, over time, can create major problems to the player and to those around him.Make sure that betting remains just for fun, do not lose control and give you a few simple rules:
1. Give yourself a gambling limit and do NEVER exceed them!
2. Play only the amount of money initially established
3. Stop playing when you have exceeded the time limit set initially
4. DO NOT play money that you cannot afford to lose!
5. Avoid spending money for playing that is intended for other purposes
6. If you decided to stop playing, or play less, strive to maintain this intention
7. Avoid spending too often the change or the rest for the game
8. Do not play to win back your losses
9. Avoid considering gambling as a solution to your problems and your concerns
10. Do NEVER borrow money to play
11. Consider that the money spent on gambling is the price you pay for your entertainment
12. Do not lie to your friends about the amount of money you lost in the game or the time dedicated to the game
13. Ask for help if you think you’re spending too much or you’re playing too frequently
14. Do not stay away from work for playing
15. Do not play when you feel depressed, lonely, bored, tense or anxious
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It is prohibited to persons under 18 to open an account or bet with us.