5 Betting Scandals That Rocked The Football World

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In the football world, it can be quite tempting to spend vast amounts of money betting. And, the temptation grows significantly, especially during the match and training periods.

Casinomatcher.com is a betting site that gives a vivid picture of how tempting betting odds can be. Some footballers take that their betting urges a little too far. This has resulted in big football scandals that football fans across the world will leave to remember. 

Here is a list of five high-profile cases of bribery and illegal bets that rocked the football world over the years.

Daniel Sturridge’s Misconduct

One of the biggest betting scandals that rocked the football world in 2018 was Daniel Sturridges misconduct. According to several reports, Daniel had placed a bet on manager and player transfers using a third party. The investigation centered on the involvement of a family member betting on Daniel’s move to Inter Milan. The bet placed was £10. However, Sturridge denied the charges and fully cooperated during the entire investigation.

Paul Scholes

In 2019, the Football Association charged the ex-United star Paul Scholes for misconduct as he allegedly broke betting rules. His alleged betting crime was placing 140 bets for four years until 2019, January, while still being a Salford City Co-owner. Despite none of the bets being attached to Salford, the FA rules ban betting on league pyramid football matches.

However, the betting rules aren’t entirely clear how betting company owners are supposed to bet. Because of the unclear rules, it’s not clear how Scholes prosecution will be proven guilty. The bets he placed for over four years still broke the FA rules.

Barton’s Betting Bonanza

Joey Barton is one football player who very well understands a thing or five on offenses and band. This former Manchester City Player received a suspension in 2017 from playing football for at least 18 months. This suspension came after he was found guilty of breaching betting rules.

According to several reports, Barton placed 1260 bets on the football progress of football matches. This was a direct breach of FA rules. However, these illegal bets also cost him his football career. He is now a Fleetwood manager.

Marseille’s Bribery

One of the biggest scandals to rock the football world in the late 90s was Marseille’s bribery scandal. The scandal’s controversy was centered on a match between Olympique and Valenciennes. The Olympique de Marseille team bribed three players before the game to underperform during the game.

The game ended with a 1-0 win. With this win, Marseille proceeds to the Champions League final, where they beat AC Milan. However, the truth about the bribery became known, and the title was stripped from them. The team was also banned from playing the Intercontinental Cup, European Super Cup, and Champions League.

Also, Tapie, a team member, was banned from playing professional football for life. This further plunged the team into more financial difficulties.

Malaysian Betting Syndicate

Casino bonuses can tempt even the most tame enthusiasts. Just take a look at Casinomatcher.com/Casino-bonus to see why this is the case. The last scandal on our list is the Malaysian Betting syndicate which illustrates how far syndicates are willing to go. This happened in 1995, where a match between Crystal Palace and West Ham was abandoned because of the floodlights failure. 

This was the work of a betting syndicate. Their operations ceased, and the people responsible were placed in jail for at least 18 months.

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