Are you a Football Athlete looking for a college football scholarship?‍

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Are you a Football Athlete looking for a college football scholarship?‍

If you play football for any level, you know the recruiting process can be tough. College coaches are constantly evaluating players and it can be difficult to stand out from other top players in your area. That’s why having a college football scholarship is so important for any player hoping to earn a full-ride scholarship. The term “full-ride” means that the university will cover all of the cost of attendance, including room fees, board and other expenses not covered by financial aid.

If you play college football or are interested in playing at some point, reading this guide is a must! We will give you insider tips on what to do and not do to secure an athletic scholarship. From identifying your worth as an athlete to applying to multiple schools, read on to learn more about securing an athletic scholarship as an outside linebacker or tight end.

What is a Football Scholarship?

A football scholarship is a financial aid offer to players for the cost of attendance and tuition. Universities offer scholarships to high-achieving students regardless of athletic ability. Although many football players come from football-rich high schools, you don’t have to be a highly recruited player to get a football scholarship. Undergraduate scholarships are most common in Division I football and WNBA basketball. These scholarships cover tuition and a stipend for room and board. Some Division II and Division III schools also offer football scholarships, but they are rarer.

Know the Terms You’ll Need to Know

– Cost of attendance: Tuition, room and board, books and other expenses not covered by financial aid. – Stipend: The amount of money the university pays you each month. – Full ride: The total cost of attendance, including housing and board. – Financial aid: Scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs that cover a portion of your expenses. – Stretch: A scholarship that increases over time.

Personal Statement: The Most Important Part of Your Application

Your personal statement is where you talk about yourself and your goals. Find a place to do this in your essay and be sure to use it to highlight your strengths as an athlete. Be honest, but don’t be overly humble. Hiding a great personality is a sure way to not get noticed. While you want to be a little self-deprecating, don’t come across as a total brat. You want to show that you are mature enough to handle college-level academics and have a plan for the future.

Don’t overdo the supplements or training

In today’s world, athletes are always trying to get an edge. Many athletes will overtrain and use banned substances to try and improve their performance. While you want to be prepared for the season and meet your goals, don’t overtrain and don’t take supplements to boost your natural talent. You don’t want to risk getting into trouble with the NCAA or your university.

Academics: Show your worth!

Most athletic scholarships are not given out just for your athletic ability. Colleges want to see that you are smart and dedicated to your academics. If you are lucky enough to get an athletic scholarship, you should use it as an opportunity to show that you are a well-rounded student. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your GPA and show your potential future professors and employers that you are serious about your academics and your future.

Recruiters want to see dedication and involvement in extra-curriculars

Colleges want to see that you are dedicated to your sport, but they also want to see that you are involved in other aspects of campus life. If you have a passion for academics, community service or leadership, you can use those passions to show a potential employer that you are serious about pursuing a career after college. If you have leadership experience, volunteer at campus organizations and participate in student government, you can use those experiences to show that you are serious about serving your university and your community.

Bottom line

Athletic scholarships are a great way to pay for college. Make sure you apply to multiple schools to increase your chances of finding an athletic scholarship, rather than just applying to one school that offers one scholarship. Apply early and often to all of the schools you are interested in, including the community college you plan to attend after high school if you plan to play football. Don’t be afraid to let schools know that you are interested in other colleges if they offer you a scholarship.

That way, you can maximize your chances of securing a football scholarship. Keep in mind that athletic scholarships are competitive and will be given out on a limited basis. You will have to work hard to get noticed, but if you put in the effort and follow these tips, you can earn a football scholarship.

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