Double Chance Betting: Features & Benefits

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Double chance bet is a term whose meaning is clear by its name already. This is a bet in which 2 match outcomes (out of 3 possible) will be winning. A bet of this format is relevant for those sports where a draw can be recorded in regular time. That is, football, hockey, basketball, chess, etc. For example, tennis does not offer to make double chance bets.

The most popular sports on legal betting platforms and £2 deposit casinos for such bets are football and hockey. However, some of them offer lines for unusual events. For example, political events, in particular, presidential elections (if the voting suggests the possibility of a 2nd round). Double chance bets increase the winning probability but reduce the odds – usually, they range from 1.20 to 1.40.

Double Outcome Bets: The Main Types

Gamblorium experts advocate a responsible approach to gambling and sports betting. It is important to understand that there is no 100% effective betting strategy! Some (such as forks) are dangerous due to the risk of blocking, and when using other ones there is a possibility of losing. However, you can combine several betting schemes. The double chance betting market provides 3 choices:

  • 1X – the 1st team’s win or a draw.
  • X2 – the 2nd team’s victory or a draw.
  • 12 – the 1st or 2nd team winning.

Bookmakers and bettors don’t believe in the victory of both teams. Besides, they are well aware that each has its own winning chances. So, the double chance market is a convenient option (despite its low coefficient), especially for an express position. Thus, 1X and X2 act as insurance in case of a possible draw, as the player can receive a bet refund and a full win.

So, there are classic and combined double-outcome bets, offering 2 variants for coupon to win. Thus, the 1st one – if 1 of 2 events occur during regular time and the 2nd one – the same + additional conditions. For example, double chance 12 implies a win if the 1st or 2nd team wins. However, if the situation involves a double chance of 12 + total less than 1.5, then winning is possible only if the 1st or 2nd team wins and the number of goals scored in the match is no more than 1.

Now, let’s discuss the combined approach, starting with the double outcome + both teams will score. It is a joint bet option in which the coupon will win under 2 conditions – one of the double outcome events succeeded and both teams scored. However, such a solution increases both – the coefficient and risks. Nodar Giorgadze says that it is especially relevant for top teams with a high-quality attack.

Another fairly popular combination bet option is a double chance + total over/under. In this case, the coupon wins provided that a double outcome occurs in the match with the expected score. The coefficient may be even higher than in a situation with goals scored from both teams, as the risk is higher. Naturally, each match must be considered individually.

While considering a double chance vs an Asian handicap (the 0 Ah), note the match situation and the bookmaker’s odds. We know that the double chance 1x assumes a win in case the 1st team succeeds or draws (in regulation time). Thus, a draw ensures a refund while betting on the 1st team’s victory with a 0 Ah.

What About Live Double Chance Betting?

Double outcomes in bets are available both in line and live mode. In the first case, bookmakers usually offer a wider range of bets. In the second, the outcomes and odds change under current events. In this case, as a rule, many companies limit painting to a couple of options. But this does not prevent cappers from implementing individual strategies. As a matter of fact, with a thoughtful approach, it is not so difficult to benefit.

Double Outcome Bets: The Most Relevant Cases

It cannot be denied that double chance 12 bets in football are the most successful. This can help you beat the bookmaker in many cases. The point is to bet before the match starts. Next, wait for the odds for a draw to increase and bet on it. As a result, all 3 outcomes of the match will be profitable for you. However, this requires careful calculations, especially if you’re trying the strategy for the first time.

Of course, double-chance bets are also appropriate to back up the favorite. If the odds for the favorite to win are 1.95, then you can bet on 1X for about 1.30. If you doubt the hosts’ success but want to make a big bet, then you should take 1X.

Besides, betting on an outsider can be successful. Choose matches where the favorite has problems with composition, motivation, and fatigue. A double chance for an underdog and a draw will have high odds. As for wagering against a draw, choose bet 12 (if opponents are striving for a win).

Make sure you’ve analyzed all the game aspects! So, for example, when choosing a bet on a double outcome in football, consider whether there is a possibility of extra time in the match. If the winner is determined by the result of one match, then after a draw the referee will assign extra time. However, in most cases, the bookmaker accepts bets on the regular time results. If the winner of the match is determined in extra time or a penalty shootout, you will lose the bet.

Let’s Conclude

Want to increase the winning chances? Choose an event where the odds of the outcome are as high as possible, analyze the game, and manage your bankroll wisely. Determine the 2 most likely outcomes and combine them into a single bet. It can turn out to be the most relevant solution, especially if dealing with equally strong teams. The risk of loss is small but don’t exclude it at all.

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