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16 February 2024

League Match Tips Result
FRA Sochaux – Epinal 1X
GER Leipzig W – Frankfurt W X2
NED Cambuur – Jong Utrecht 1X
IRE Shamrock Rovers – Dundalk 1X
NIR Coleraine – Linfield X2
GER Ingolstadt – SC Freiburg II 1X
BEL Club NXT – Zulte Waregem X2
WAL Llanelli Town – Taffs Well 1X

What is a double chance bet?

How does a Double Chance Soccer Bet work?

In traditional 3-way football betting, a gambler has a 33.33% chance of winning. The bettor can choose a home win, an away win or a draw. What if you could double this winning chance?

Betting with a 66.66% chance of winning in football betting is of course very tempting, even if these numbers only exist in theory.

That’s exactly what double chance betting is all about. You bet on two of the three possible results of a football match. You can bet that one of the two teams will win or draw (1x or x2) or you can place a double on a win for either team. Then you rule out a draw.

Of course, a Double Chance Soccer Bet offers lower odds compared to 3-way bets. Usually half of both 3-way quotes together. It is a popular type of bet and is offered by all online bookmakers. You will find them in the list of special bets.


What is the perfect double for a football bet?

Whether you prefer to bet on favorites or underdogs, you are always looking for a measure of certainty. It’s more a matter of personal belief than actual chance.

A gambler thinks it is safe to place a higher bet on a double chance outcome knowing that he is covering two of the three outcomes.

It is considered a high rollers bet as the odds are much lower. But this is not quite true. In fact, anyone can place the perfect bet on a double.

Let’s look at both options separately:

Favorites:In this case, a gambler places a Double Chance Soccer Bet on the favorite’s draw or win. This is smart if the chance of a draw is high. By betting double on the favorite you accept much lower odds.

Sometimes as low as 1.30. But you win, as long as the favorite doesn’t lose. If your analysis completely eliminates the chance of the underdog winning, betting with a double on the favorite is the ideal way to win.

This is a popular double bet. The double chance odds on the underdog are usually much higher. In some cases even higher than the offered odds on the favorite. In this case, the double is chosen because they are not so sure of the underdog’s ability to win.

Especially at an away game. In this way, they simply rule out the favorite’s victory. These bets do not suffer from a late equaliser, which is more common when the underdog manages to score first.

Common Misconceptions About Double Chance Soccer Bet

While double chance bets are one of the most popular to come across with online bookmakers, there are often misconceptions about the exact value of this type of bet and why you should choose it.

The Double Chance Soccer Bet is designed for high rollers: A common misconception, usually made by gamblers trying to get rich in a month. In fact, double chance betting is suitable for any gambler, including those who are not in a rush to increase their balance.

If you have a high percentage of winning doubles, it doesn’t matter how much you bet each time. Remember that winning three double bets at odds of 1.33 is exactly the same as winning a single 1×2 bet at odds of 2.00.

It’s harder to identify the value: That’s an outright lie. Determining whether a bet has value and is worth wagering on is just as difficult as any other bet.

We could even argue that with a double chance bet, it’s even a little clearer. The overall figures such as number of wins and total goals provide more information.

Easier to bet higher because of safety: This is a personal matter and not an inherent problem of double chance betting. A gambler can place more money on a bet if he feels safe about the outcome, regardless of the type of bet.

It is, of course, safer to bet a double on an underdog than to bet only on a win. Although you do sacrifice a profit for this safety.


You need a higher win rate:

This is just a miscalculation. The big difference is in the difference between the odds and the winning chances. For example, if your average winning chance of a double chance bet is 1.33, you need a 67% win percentage to guarantee a positive balance.

The higher the average quote, the lower the win rate needed to make a profit in the long run.

We are committed to responsible gambling and have a number of ways to help you stay in control and keep betting fun – take a look at our gambling guidelines for more information.