Explanation of Betting Terms and Bet Types

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Betting is a lot of fun and also very interesting. It is just important that you know what you are doing. That is why we help you on your way with an explanation of betting terms and the types of bets . In this way you learn the basics of betting, so that you are well prepared when placing a bet.


Today there are a lot of betting terms and sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. A number of terms are self-explanatory because they translate the meaning almost literally, but with some it is different. That is why we deal with common betting terms, the meaning of which is not known to everyone.


You will certainly come across the word ‘banker’ when you delve into different options in betting. Especially when using an accumulator/combination bet or system bet. With all these forms you bet on multiple matches. A ‘banker’ is simply a bet that you are almost one hundred percent sure will come true . It is useful to use this with a combined bet, because with such a banker you can build in extra security.


A bankroll is your balance with a bookmaker , so how much money is in your ‘betting account’. There is also bankroll management. This is managing the money in your bankroll. So how do you deal with it. There are different styles in this and everyone deals with this in their own way.


Bet is really just another word for a closed bet. This will already be known to many bettors.

Free bet

A Free bet is a kind of gift that bookmakers give away to their audience. It is a free bet, with which you can actually bet without risk. You can keep the winnings, but – unlike with a regular bet – not the deposit.


With hedging, you make an opposite bet to the bet you want to place. This covers part of your loss if your prediction doesn’t come true, while still winning something if you were right.


These are betting terms that many bettors are already familiar with. These are the numbers that show how often the bookmaker multiplies your bet when you win . For example, at football matches you always see three numbers. One for team 1, one for a draw and another for team 2. Those are the odds.


Stake is an English word for stake. So: the amount you place on a particular bet.

Bet types

Now that you have learned some new terms in addition to the familiar terms, it is time to move on to the types of betting that most bookmakers offer. For this we cover bets that you will almost always encounter.

Single bet

This is simply a bet consisting of one prediction . So set your bet on the Ajax – PSV match and predict that Ajax will win. This is your only prediction on your game sheet and your bet goes times the odds of that one prediction. That’s a single bet.

Accumulator (Acca)

An accumulator bet (also called Acca bet) is a combination of multiple bets . With an accumulator, the odds of all predictions are multiplied together and then together form the final quote. With an accumulator you have to get all the predictions right to win the bet. Other denominations are combination bet or Multiple.

System bet

You can think of the system bet as a collection of accumulators put together. The advantage of systems over the combination bet is the fact that not all bets have to be right to win. System betting is therefore possible when you decide to bet on multiple matches.

With a system bet you have several options. You can choose between systems such as Doubles, Trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, Lucky 31 and so on. With each system slightly different rules apply, so you should read yourself well before you bet with this.

Live betting

Normally you always place a bet before a match or event, but that does not apply to live betting. The name says it all. You bet during such an event or match . This is therefore also a very exciting way of betting. A bet can be right or wrong right away, because you can also bet on very small things such as a throw-in, yellow card or a goal. A bet can then be played within a minute.

The big advantage of live betting is the fact that you can bet based on what you have seen. So when you notice that one team is better than the other, you can bet on that team’s goal. You can also predict that that team will win. The chance that this will come true is much greater than if you bet before the match without having seen anything.

Bet types

In addition to the types of bets, there are also bet types. These are the bets that you use, for example, as a single bet, accumulator, system bet or during live betting. Think of names such as the 1×2 bet (match outcome), Both teams to score (literal meaning), handicap (advantage or disadvantage for a team), Over/Under (more or less than a certain number of goals) or Double chance (your bets on two outcomes).

This is all bets that you make before you choose how you want to bet. Even before choosing whether it will be a single bet, accumulator bet, system bet or live bet. You can apply different strategies to all these types of bets that will ultimately give you the profit you want. That’s something for later, but after reading all these terms and betting, you should now be able to hold your own in the betting world.

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