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Football betting strategies for beginners & professionals

You should be able to perform probability calculations, determine which bets are more advantageous, and try to find the best odds. In other words, before you can start placing football bets at Sportybet, you must have prepared. To help you out, we list the best soccer betting strategies for beginners and professionals below.

Prefer Double Chance Bets

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is just betting on a basic outcome. For example, they bet on which team will win the match, and they think such simple options offer a higher chance of winning. However, with double chance bets, it is possible to increase both your chances of winning and the amount of your payouts. Double chance is betting simultaneously on two outcomes that may occur in a match. For example, you can bet that Team A will both win the match and shoot at least one corner kick. Betting on two outcomes increases your chances of winning by 33%. However, it is very difficult to find high odds in this type of bet: You need to increase the amount of bets to get a satisfactory profit.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Small Bets

Again, one of the mistakes that beginners make is to use all of their bankrolls for a single bet. For example, if they have a budget of 100 EUR/USD, they use it all in a single bet. However, the expression of “putting all the eggs in the same basket” is also valid for football bets. Simply put, the more bets you place, the more spread the risk. In this context, it would be a much wiser job to place 10 different bets, each worth 10 EUR/USD, with a budget of 100 EUR/USD. It is very unlikely that all of your bets will lose, so you can be sure that you will win at least some of your investment back. Divide your bankroll into 10 units and use each unit for a different bet.

Don’t Forget to Research

Even professional bettors prefer to listen to their “guts” when it comes to football betting. However, it is best to see football betting as a business. It is impossible to make a profit by acting on your feelings: Successful businesses require planning and, most importantly, research. In other words, you need to know about the football teams you are going to bet on as much as the coach. Review each team’s past performance, keep records, draw stats, and see what their most successful (and failed) conditions were. The presence or absence of a particular player can determine the overall performance of the team. A particular team may also tend to lose performance as the season ends. Such data can only be obtained as a result of research, and they all increase your chances of making a consistent prediction.

Keep Records

You need to be able to analyze not only football teams but also your own performance. Keep a list of all your bets and wins/losses. See what you’ve done wrong (and what’s right) by reviewing these records every three months. If you haven’t made any profit, you may be using the wrong strategy, or maybe you should try a different type of bet. Bettors tend to exaggerate even if they win a small amount and always think they are making a profit. However, by keeping detailed records, you can see what the truth is and change the strategy you use if necessary. Don’t forget to analyze your own performance from time to time.

Don’t Expect to Win Right Away

Don’t expect to get rich with a single bet. Do not think that you will win immediately. Don’t aim to be rich. These three tips show you why you should view football betting as a business. When you start a new job, you don’t expect to get rich in a few months, do you? The same is true for football betting. You may need to try it for months until you make a serious profit. You need to be patient, not caught up in your emotions, and keep playing calmly. If you are in a hurry, you will always lose in the long run. Aim for small but steady gains rather than high ones. Try to earn additional income, not become a millionaire. The more realistic your goals are, and the more determined you are to reach them, the more likely you are to win.

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