Fun Facts About Bingo Philippines

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It is accurate to say that Filipinos adore Bingo. Bingo has been the most popular pastime in the Philippines for a long time, and every city has numerous bingo halls. People of all ages can be seen taking pleasure in it. Furthermore, since it became available online, Bingo has surged in popularity. As a result, you may play virtual Bingo from the comfort of your home at any time of day.

And, because Bingo has long been a favorite, we’ve listed exciting facts about the game.

Christian missionaries and churches were the ones who originally introduced and popularized Bingo

The story of how Bingo originated in the Philippines will likely surprise you. Indeed, it was made possible by the churches and missionaries. Religious organizations and other groups commonly use Bingo for charitable purposes and as a fundraising technique. However, today, you can play virtual Bingo online.

These were often played in perias 

In the Philippines, perias are small amusement parks organized alongside barrios’ fiestas. It’s one of the most popular attractions during fiestas because it has Bingo and other games in addition to the rides. Therefore, when perias are held nearby, both adults and children love them.

In 2019, a popular bingo game program was broadcast in the Philippines.

Pinoy Bingo Night, the Filipino equivalent of National Bingo Night, is the name of this famous bingo game program. From March 30, 2009, it aired on the then-popular TV network ABS-CBN until June 26, 2009. Famous Filipino star Kris Aquino served as its host, with Brod Pete filling in as the “bingo caller” and Mel Feliciano acting as the “commissioner” who arbitrates the audience of players in the studio.

In the Philippines, online gaming, including Bingo, is legal.

Many of you may be wondering if Bingo is legal in the Philippines. It has been undoubtedly a concern for bingo players because there are very tight laws governing what is and isn’t lawful in the nation.

Fortunately, it’s legal so that players can enjoy a safe and lawful game. But take note that a licensing system is in place to guarantee that only legitimate internet casinos open in locations in Asian nations like the Philippines. Because of this, you need to be cautious about the bingo sites you use because some internet gaming sites are scams.

Pinoy Bingo Terms

Finally, you may be familiar with the Filipino Bingo Terms if you enjoy Bingo. However, this is the perfect opportunity if you’re new to Bingo and looking for entertaining ways to pronounce or understand the Pinoy bingo words.

1 – Unat

2 – Cavite

3 – Kulot

6 – Seksi

7 – Palakol

8 – Otso Walo/Pilipit

9 – Bulag

10 – Uten

11 – Uhog

13 – Hudas

14 – Adik

15 – Sweldo

16 – Sweet

18 – Debut

21 – Pilay

22 – Madreng nakaluhod

23 – Jordan

25 – Pasko

32 – Tarantado

33 – Doble kulot

38 – Pumuputok… na mahina

43 – Poultry

44 – Gamot

45 – Pumuputok… na malakas

48 – Muret

50 – Pera (or any term for pera)

54 – Highway

55 – Sardines

56 – Bumbay

60 – Buntis

66 – Siksik

69 – Baliktaran

70 – Kalbo

73 – Kalbong kulot

75 – Matanda

Wrapping Up

That’s it; we hope you enjoyed discovering these fun facts about Bingo Philippines. These may be new to you or provide further information to you. Nevertheless, we hope learning more about Bingo Philippines was enjoyable.


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