Henry picks the most underrated player out there: “Who else can play four positions?”

He praises his young compatriot

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Former French striker Thierry Henry believes that his younger compatriot is currently the most underrated player in the world of football.

Henry left a big mark in European football playing for Monaco, Juventus, Arsenal and Barcelona. He was truly unstoppable, one of the best goalscorers of all time, and he retired nine years ago.

The Frenchman is currently the coach of the U21 national team of France and of course plays football 24 hours a day. Henry likes to watch as many matches as possible, especially those where the best teams and players of today play, so he noticed that one player is currently the most underrated.

In an interview with ‘Le Parisien’, regarding the Olympic Games in Paris, the current coach of France under-21 assumed that Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann does not get the recognition he deserves, despite the numbers he puts up year after year.

“We cannot forget Griezmann, the player who reminds us that hard work is talent. Griezmann is by far the most underrated player out there.

We always talk about Kylian, but Griezmann… Look at the assists and goals. Tell me a player in history who was capable of playing all four offensive positions like him? There aren’t many of them… And Grizou is one of them,” said the former striker.

Griezmann (33) has 19 goals and seven assists in 38 matches this season. In total, he played 379 matches for Atletico in two terms and scored 176 goals with 83 assists.

Previously, Antoine played for Barcelona where he scored 35 goals with 17 assists in 102 matches, while in Real Sociedad he scored 52 goals with 18 assists in 202 matches.

Otherwise, he can play as a central attacker, as an offensive midfielder, as a right winger and as a central midfielder.

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