How to pick a trustworthy Bookmaker

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You are likely already aware that some people have made their fortunes through betting. One day, they placed a wager, and their prediction was right on the spot – and the next day, they were cruising in sports cars and landing prime real estate. Or they built a legacy as a punter on international betting sites where they worked on proven strategies and kept winning until they amassed enough to live millionaire lifestyles.

Anyone can build their dream life by placing wagers. But like any other investment, you must understand how wagering works and place your bets with a trusted bookie who will hold up their end of the deal. And in this guide, we take you through the crucial steps to make this vital decision.

1. Consider the License Held by the Bookie

Is a license just a license? It would be easy to think so – after all, the bookie will have someone watching over their shoulders and keeping them accountable. But not all licenses are the same. Some are issued by authorities that leave nothing to chance and will often vet the licensees to gauge their compliance. Others are a bit more relaxed and will not have too much of a hold on their licensees. So, when considering your options, look into:

  • How valid is the license? (Some sites will upload outdated information. The only way to know for sure is by checking with the listed licensor.)
  • Does the bookie have the right to operate in your region? (This information is pertinent to whether you can stake claims in the future.)
  • How strict is the licensing body? Consider how it has handled issues in the past, which will give you an idea of what you can expect.

If any site fails the above tests, cross it off your list and work with those that have passed. It will reduce your options and make it easier to work through the other items on the list.

2. Read the Reviews

Have you ever wanted to go to a restaurant and decided to check whether other people liked the setting? That’s the same thing you should do when choosing a site. You can get to experience it from someone else’s point of view, enabling you to understand what new signees are up for – you should pay attention to:

  • The customer care team: How available is the support, and how quickly do they respond to inquiries? You might need expert support one day, and it’s always good to know how available it will be if that’s the case.
  • The payment methods: What options can you use to process your payments? How much will they cost you, and how long does it take to get your money? The site may state that it accepts all payment methods and charges minimal fees, while this might not be the case.
  • Does the site honor its bonus and promotion terms? All bonuses come tied to some requirements that all eligible participants must meet. You should read the reviews to understand how stringent these are and whether you will get your dues once you have done what’s required.

Please note that reviews tend to be highly subjective, based on people’s perceptions of their experiences. So, please go through several reviews before deciding which sites you will consider in the next stage.

3. The Site Security

Each time you make a transaction on the site, you want to have the guarantee that your details will not end up in the wrong hands. How can you do this? It helps to consider:

  • The security measures on the site: Does it have SSL encryption? Will you be redirected when making payments, and if so, what security measures are in place to protect your data?
  • What safety skills does the site teach to its users?
  • How transparent is the data policy? Who handles your data? Where does the site host its servers, and how would this affect your data?

These details are essential because you must understand how a site processes your data even after shutting down your account. It’s easy to ignore the vetting process when choosing a bookie. Often, new punters concern themselves with how much they can win. But what happens when you win that $50,000 and the bookie shuts down your account? Or takes you around in circles before you can get your cash? It’s always best to play it safe by choosing the right partner from the start – only then can you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you will access your winnings as you please. All the best!

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