Kwikwins in KwikBet: Quick Tour Through

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Betting platforms compete with each other by offering different features to their punters. Some try to provide as many capabilities as possible, while others focus on quality instead of quantity. Large bookmakers manage to offer both things, but smaller ones can’t pull it off. But wagering isn’t the only thing that you may find on online betting platforms. Many of them also provide casino games and slot options.

KwikBet, a relatively small Kenyan bookmaker, offers such functionality as well. There are plenty of games to try your luck with, and the platform calls them Kwikwins. Our text won’t cover how to join the platform. There are better articles that describe the matter, such as this one: Instead, we will talk about Kwikwins in deeper detail, as well as give a brief overview of the platform’s main features. Enjoy the read.

About KwikBet

KwikBet started working in Kenya in 2017 and has since established itself as a serious player in the local market. Yet, we would hesitate to call the bookmaker a large one: it’s still just a regional player, a well-established one, but it’s far from being a large and international platform. 

KwikBet’s outdated design is actually the only thing that will lead you to believe that this is a small platform if you take a quick look at the bookmaker, and the situation is much better in mobile versions. Everything else proves that the website has many things to offer. 

Let’s start with the number of sports provided by the platform. There are actually plenty: soccer, basketball, and baseball are among the popular options. But there are more disciplines, including less popular ones such as cycling, Gaelic football, and speedway. The eSports options include Valorant, Dota 2, Overwatch, and StartCraft II. 

Speaking of betting markets, they are pretty diverse: you can try to predict which teams will be selected for the tournament, bet on Both Teams to Score, guess halftime results, and on various Double Chances. More standard options, such as 1×2, over/under, and a variety of handicaps, are also available. You can also place live bets. 

If you want to use the platform from the comfort of your phone, then there are no problems: the bookmaker offers an Android application that provides all of the features that you might need. Unfortunately, there’s no iOS version, but if you’re an iPhone user or just don’t want to download the app, you can take advantage of the mobile version of the website.


We’ve already described the general features of the platform and what it can offer to bettors. Now it’s time to check the casino options, virtuals, and other games. Especially considering that they’re the main point of this article. The platform calls them Kwikwins.

The options include thirteen slots that are different from each other. You can check out the preview versions of each that don’t involve staking real money and will provide everything you need to know about how the game works. Such a feature is called “Fun Mode.”

Let’s check out the games and get an understanding of what each of them offers:


⚽ FootballX. The game works in a simple manner: select a player, place a bet, and cash out the winnings before your player falls or something else happens. The longer you wait, the higher the multiplier. In this way, the game is similar to various other crash-based slots.

⚽ Rocketman. This is another crash-based option: a rocket starts flying, and you have to cash out before it disappears. The longer it flies, the higher your winnings will be; it multiplies every second.

⚽ JetX. Similar to FootballX and Rocketman, this game revolves around pushing a button before a virtual jet blows up.

⚽ JetX3. This is a more complex version of the JetX game with slightly different rules. Three jets are navigating the space. You can place your wager on any of them or even on all of them. Otherwise, everything else is the same.

⚽ Balloon. Similarly to other crash-based games, you have to press a button before something happens. In this case, it’s a balloon popping. The longer you wait, the bigger it gets, and so are your potential winnings.

⚽ Goal. This game requires you to go through a whole field. Any column might hide a bomb. Your winnings increase with every step, and you can cash out anytime. Ideally, you should go through the whole field without stepping on a bomb. You can also change the size of the field.

⚽ Dice. The system rolls a die, and the result will range from 0 to 99.99. Set a number and predict whether the result will go beyond it. Works similarly to the over/under sports betting market.

⚽ Keno. This is a regular variation of the keno game with the regular rules of the game. You just have to pick a few numbers and hope that the system will draw them.

⚽ Mines. This game is similar to the “Goal” one. Pick the gemstones by clicking on the cells. Once you click on a hidden bomb, the game is over. You can set the grid size and the number of bombs.

⚽ Hilo. In this game, you have to guess whether your card will have a higher or lower value than the one shown. Your winnings increase the longer you continue to predict them successfully. You can cash out at any moment.

⚽ Cubes. Connect five cubes of the same color together. Once you’ve done so, the grid will expand. You start with the 5×5 one, and it can grow up to 11×11. Once it’s reached that size, you can get your winnings.

⚽ Coins. Choose the number of coins required to win. Start playing by flipping them. If all of the needed ones flip heads up, then you will receive your winnings.

⚽ Lucky Numbers Scratch the hidden number. If at least one identical symbol appears in both areas, then you will win the amount shown under it.

How to Start Playing

There’s nothing difficult about accessing the games on the platform. Below are the steps on how to do so:


  1. Visit the website.
  2. Log in.
  3. Find the “Kwikwins” button on the menu on the top part of the screen.
  4. Click on it.
  5. You will see a page with all of the gaming options.
  6. Check out the games.
  7. Find the one you want to play.
  8. Run the game or test it in “Fun Mode.”
  9. All done.

How to Win

Unlike betting, these games almost completely revolve around luck. So there’s technically no skill to improve, and things aren’t fully in your control. You don’t have to expect to see a magic button that will make you succeed.

But you can reduce your betting risks by following certain precautions:

  • Don’t place high stakes. Don’t place big bets unless you’re rich with a lot of money to spend. You don’t control the process, so it’s better to stick to small sums.
    • Manage your finances. Don’t overspend money on Kwikwins. It’s better to treat it as a fun side activity and plan your budget beforehand.
  • Don’t wait for too long in the crash-based games. If you’re playing games such as Rocketman or JetX, we don’t recommend waiting for too long before the plane or other objects crash or disappear. Sure, your winnings will be bigger this way, but the risks get higher as well. We recommend cashing out right after you turn some profit. Of course, you can’t do anything in situations when the object crashes right after starting, but these situations are rare.


While the majority of bookmakers try to focus on providing betting options, offering casino games and other slots can also be quite important. This simply means that you’re ready to add more features for your users to enjoy. And moreover, having games can help you attract a wider audience since there are people who don’t have any interest in betting.

In this article, we’ve covered how to play games on KwikBet. Such features are called Kwikwins, and the options include thirteen games of different genres. We briefly described the rules for each and provided some additional information.

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