Over 1.5 Predictions Today – 18 February 2024

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Are you curious about what “Over 1.5 predictions” mean in the world of sports betting? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s break it down in a friendly and simple way.

League Match Tips Result
FRA Monaco – Toulouse Over 1.5
GER Bochum – Bayern Munich Over 1.5
GRE AEK Athens – AE Kifisia FC Over 1.5
SAU Al-Hilal Saudi FC – AL Raed Over 1.5
POR Benfica – Vizela Over 1.5
CYP Doxa Katokopias – Apoel Nicosia Over 1.5
NED Ajax – Nijmegen Over 1.5
SCO St Johnstone – Rangers Over 1.5
CRO Dinamo Zagreb – Varazdin Over 1.5
CZE Karvina – Slavia Prague Over 1.5
CZE Sparta Prague – Liberec Over 1.5
POR Braga – SC Farense Over 1.5
NED Feyenoord – Waalwijk Over 1.5


When it comes to sports betting, the term “Over 1.5 predictions” refers to a type of wager that predicts whether there will be more than 1.5 goals scored in a particular match. In other words, if you place an “Over 1.5” bet, you are betting that both teams will score at least two goals combined during the game.

Why might someone choose to make an Over 1.5 prediction? Well, this type of bet can be attractive for a few reasons. Firstly, it offers a higher chance of winning compared to other goal-related bets like Over 2.5 or Over 3.5. Since you only need two goals to be scored, it’s easier to achieve than predicting three or more goals.

Additionally, Over 1.5 predictions can be exciting because they allow you to root for goals throughout the entire match. Whether it’s a thrilling 2-1 victory or a high-scoring 3-3 draw, as long as there are at least two goals, your bet will be successful!

Remember, though, that no bet is ever a guaranteed win. It’s important to do your research, consider the teams’ previous performances, and analyze other relevant factors before placing your bet. Sports betting should always be done responsibly and within your means.

So, the next time you come across the term “Over 1.5 predictions,” you’ll know exactly what it means. Good luck with your sports betting adventures!

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