Poland rubs its hands: 5 clubs to receive Lewandowski’s transfer fee

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The signing of Robert Lewandowski by Barcelona has already been made official. The striker leaves Bayern Munich for around 50 million euros including variables.

Of this figure, some “two million” will not go to the Bavarian team, but will be shared between six Polish clubs. The cause of the right to formation and the FIFA solidarity mechanism that rewards the teams where it passed in its initial stages.

In this way, the arrival of Lewandowski to Barça will shower with economic installments to several entities, among them, some modest ones that will receive the amount with open arms.

According to the publication of the account “FootPolak” on Twitter, the distribution of quantities will be as follows. Legia de Warsaw and Lech Poznan, both in the top division, raise €250,000 and €500,000 respectively. Third division Znicz Pruszkow gets half a million euros, while Polish seventh division Delta Varsovia receives 125,000. Varsovia , a training school, buys the most: 625,000 euros.

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