Qatar World Football/The weakest home team scored the first goal in history and lost 1:3 to Senegal

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The 2022 Qatar World Cup Group A match kicked off again today (25th). The first match against Ecuador was defeated by 0:2 against Qatar, the first landlord in history to lose in the opening match The embarrassing record of the ball, this game against the “Lion of Telanga” Senegal, who is currently also 1 defeated, both sides hope to be the first to open the door. After the start of the first half, both sides aggressively launched offensives. Unfortunately, mistakes were made frequently. It was not until the 41st minute that Senegal scored a goal due to the fatal mistake of the opponent’s defense falling, temporarily leading the host Qatar 1-0; , Although Qatar scored the first goal in the history of the World Cup, it was still unable to recover. In the end, Senegal won the first victory with 3:1.

Qatar, dubbed the “weakest landlord in history”, is not only the first host nation to lose in the opening game of the World Cup in 92 years, but also the offensive performance of the whole game is terrible, with only 5 shots and no shots on target. As a result, many Qatar fans left the field disappointed before the game was over. Senegal, which has just won the African Cup of Nations in 2021, has the title of “Africa’s strongest” team. Unfortunately, the top scorer Sadio Mane (Sadio Mane), who was at the peak, withdrew from the World Cup due to injury, and the first match was against the Netherlands. In the 84th minute, the opponent was still the first to break the net, and finally conceded another goal in the injury time, 0:2 failed to win the first victory.

The two sides, eager to stop the defeat today, started the game under the attention of the fans. Unfortunately, they made many mistakes when handling the ball. Not only did they miss many great opportunities in front of the goal, they also swallowed one in the first 30 minutes. yellow card. It was not until the 41st minute that Senegal tried a long-range shot. Unexpectedly, Qatar defender No. 16 Boualem Khoukhi accidentally fell down after a stop, and made a super-fatal error in front of the goal. Senegal’s Boulaye DIA made up for it. Successfully broke the net to temporarily take the lead 1:0.

Not long after the start of the second half, Senegal scored a corner kick. Famara DIEDHIOU jumped high in front of the goal and quickly broke the net with a header in the 48th minute, extending the score to 2:0. In the 56th minute, Qatar’s Hassan (Abdelkarim Hassan) took a big shot in front of the goal, but because the penalty area was too crowded, he was blocked by his teammates and missed an excellent opportunity. It was not until the 78th minute that he relied on Muntari (MOHAMMED MUNTARI) scored a header and narrowed the score to 2:1. This is also Qatar’s first goal in the history of the World Cup. It is a pity that Senegal made a cross from the right in the 84th minute. Cheikh DIENG scored another goal and opened the gap to 2 points again. In the end, they beat the landlord Qatar 3:1.

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