Ranking Casinos in Brazil Based on Share of Voice

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Brazil’s online gambling landscape is competitive, with several operators vying for visibility. The Share of Voice (SOV) metric provides insights into which brands are leading in terms of online presence. Here, we rank casinos in Brazil based on an SOV report carried out by ENV Media, supported by detailed data points.

1. Betfair is the Unquestioned Leader

SOV: 13.65% (Overall), 11.46% (Casino), 8.03% (Roulette), 13.65% (Blackjack)

Betfair, a part of the Flutter Group, tops the list with a commanding presence across all generic queries. Having been founded in 2000, its optimized content and SEO efforts have paid dividends over the last two decades. It leads in both roulette and blackjack-related queries, a testament to its comprehensive and well-optimized game offerings.

Source: ENV Media – A Closer Look At The Share Of Voice Of Gambling Operators In Brazil

The casino’s visibility is heavily influenced by SEO efforts, with older websites often appearing at the top of search results. According to the SOV study, keywords like “cassino” and “roleta” contribute to the highest search volume. Betfair’s optimized content for these high-volume keywords underscores its leadership in the market.


SOV: 10.45% (Overall), 6.71% (Casino), 17.43% (Slots)

PokerStars, another veteran in the online space, has been in operation since 2001. It holds significant SOV, especially in slot-related queries. Its diverse game portfolio and strategic SEO initiatives have ensured a robust online presence, though it trails Casino.betfair.com in casino and roulette segments.

3. Betway

SOV: 9.59% (Overall), 14.86% (Casino), 5.46% (Roulette), 20.57% (Slots)

Established in 2006, Betway is yet another big name in the online gambling scene. It excels in casino and slot-related queries, indicating a strong focus on these game categories. Its qualitative casino product and optimized casino page have propelled it to prominence, making it a formidable contender in Brazil’s online gambling arena. Betway has shown a have the highest Share of Voice in relation to slot queries. Much like Betfair, it also has a much broader scope of SOV across multiple game categories.

4. KTO

SOV: 0.96% (Overall), 1% (Casino)

KTO is on the brink of crossing the 1% threshold in the overall Share of Voice and casino-related queries. It represents the smaller operators striving to enhance their online visibility amidst the dominant players. Given that KTO has been in operation only since 2018, it’s extremely impressive to see how well it can compete with the bigger, international gambling sites listed above. KTO casino is also the only website on this list that operates almost exclusively within the Brazilian market. Given the brand recognition of the bigger players, it shows how popular they really are.

5. Betano Takes the Crown for Branded Searches

Betano: 34 Million Searches Monthly

In branded searches, Betano emerged victorious with 34 million searches monthly, indicating strong brand recognition. Bet365 follows with 30 million, showcasing the power of brand equity, ambassadorships, and sponsorships in shaping public awareness.

Interestingly, according to Statista data, Bet365 was by far the most visited gambling website in Brazil as of June last year with 96.49 million visits to the website from Brazil. Betano, on the other hand, did not appear in the top positions at all.

Source: Statisa.com

International Brands Dominate, But local KTO is Thriving

The Brazilian online casino landscape is characterized by established international brands reaping the rewards of long-term SEO efforts. Newer entrants like KTO though are making significant strides, indicating a dynamic and evolving market. The multifaceted nature of SOV requires a harmonious blend of SEO and broader marketing strategies to enhance visibility and market share in the burgeoning Brazilian online gambling sector.

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