Rules and ways to earn coins in FIFA 23

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FIFA 23 is the sequel to one of the most famous football simulators, which has been released for over 20 years with constant improvements in graphics and physics, the behavior of players and fans.

Developers from EA Sports are constantly working on the tournament component and the transfer of maximum realism during matches, but with the preservation of dynamics during fights between teams.


FUT – or FIFA Ultimate Team – is a full-fledged online mode in which players choose a club whose colors they will represent and get into divisions where they compete with other players for the right to be considered the strongest player in FIFA 23.
In online mode, you will not receive a team with identical performers as in real football – instead, you will be given sets with random players and you will collect your team.
The sets are:
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Special
Each pack brings a random player card of similar quality and requires FIFA coins to purchase packs.
Please note that in order to get world-class football players, you need to open special sets.
Otherwise, it is better to strive for the middle link – silver cards are not much more expensive, but performers will have stronger parameters than bronze ones.
To collect the first squad of good players, you need a lot of FIFA coins and here are ways to earn them.
FIFA 23 coins
This is the main currency in the world of online football, for FIFA 23 coins, sets with random performers are bought, transactions are made to buy and sell football players with other players, various paraphernalia is acquired.

You can earn FIFA 23 coins in several ways:

1. Just buy the right amount of fifa coins SkyCoach from a professional service to form the first squad. You can invest in a large amount of Silver Packs and start your way to farming Special Packs, or buy them right away. The service guarantees the anonymity of the delivery and assistance in case of problems with the game administration.


2. Play a large number of matches – FIFA 23 is designed so that for any match you get coins, regardless of the result, it depends only on the number of coins for a win, loss, or a draw.


3. Participate in tournaments – EA Sports regularly hold tournaments in which a large number of FIFA coins are played and a reward is given depending on the place taken. The format of the game is best of 1. You will play against opponents until the first defeat and then receive a payout of coins according to your position in the tournament. Even simple participation is rewarded, so for beginners this is a great opportunity to try your hand and compete against strong players. There is also always a chance to catch the courage and go much further than originally planned.


4. Tasks – every week you will receive various game tasks that are focused on football actions and are needed to earn gold. You will be tasked with scoring goals, putting Italian players on the field, not receiving penalty cards, scoring from free kicks, and so on. The main task is to have time to complete the task before the end of the game week, since tasks are transferred from match to match, but not from week to week.


5. Squad Test Matches – FIFA 23 has matches that are perfect for beginners and gamers who want to test their players and earn coins in the process. The essence of the mode is that you play with a selected line-up of players against a team of a random player under the control of artificial intelligence. Such games solve three problems at once, firstly, you get rid of jitters when playing against lineups and managing your own players, secondly, you earn important coins, thirdly, you do not risk your rating, but you can test various combinations and strategies and experiment with teamwork.


6. Challenges – A mode that offers you to accept a team with a very strict board of directors and a wide list of requirements that must be met in order to receive FIFA coins. For example, you may be tasked with assembling a squad in which three forwards will have a total potential of 75 and all will represent Italy.


7. Moments is a special game mode in which FIFA 23 recreates different game situations for you and puts forward the requirements that you must fulfill in order to receive FIFA coins. For example, there is a corner kick and you have to pass the ball into the goal playing for Mbappé and score a goal with a header. If you miss the ball, it is intercepted by the opponent, you do not get into the goal, or you score in another way than a header, then the moment will be considered not counted and you will have to repeat it until you meet the required conditions.


8. Transfer window – just like in real football, you have access to the transfer window – in fact the only way to buy a certain player from other players without playing with kits. It is also a great way to earn extra gold by simply selling unnecessary and irrelevant team players to other players.

Conclusions on FIFA 23 coins

FIFA 23 coins are a key currency and a bargaining tool, without which it is impossible to assemble a good and balanced team.
It is better not to rush to buy expensive gold and special sets until you have a starting lineup, as you will then have one good player and ten weak ones in the team. The exception is if you are ready to immediately invest in coins and buy them from a professional service and squeeze the maximum out of the received gold coins.
With a small balance of coins and weak initial earnings, it is better to concentrate on collecting the first bronze team and choose a gradual strengthening strategy. Roughly speaking, you collect the bronze composition, let it play, and already spend the earned coins on the silver composition, then gradually switch to the golden and special one.
Yes, this is not a quick way, but during the formation of the squad you will tremendously improve your level of understanding of the game and the ability to play for your team, and in combination with improved performers, you can dramatically grow in skill and become a really dangerous opponent for any football player.


Don’t be discouraged by losses – treat them as experience and a small but still coin earning. You always progress from the number of games, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. The main thing is to play for fun and leave the game if you are not in the mood to give it your all and have a good mood. Better go into career mode and relax.



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