Skill or Luck-Based Gambling Games: What to Stick With?

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The gambling industry is constantly growing, with an online niche making a considerable contribution to this trend. The number of players opting for online games is on the rise, mainly due to the availability and flexibility of online casinos. 

The selection of games is also quite attractive in the digital space, so it’s no surprise that some gamblers, especially newbies, need help choosing what to play. If you are among them, one of the first things to do is to determine what you want to stick with, skill-based or luck-based games. Here’s a quick overview of each. 

Luck-Based Games 

We still have not reached a consensus on whether every casino game is luck-based. Many believe we don’t need anything but a lucky star cheering for us at a given moment to win in a gambling game.

At their core, luck-based games don’t require any strategy, and their rules are straightforward. But, if you think about many casino games, few will dare to try them or play with real money without at least basic knowledge. 

Still, there are games for which luck is the main factor—for instance, slots. 


Regardless of the environment—physical or digital space—slots don’t ask for much time when it comes to a learning aspect; you’ll understand the point just from the basics we’ll mention here.

For those who like the traditional casino atmosphere, and have the option of visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment, playing slots means finding an available slot machine. Next is to decide how much you want to spend. This may depend on the wagering requirement, or how much you need to pay for a spin. 

Once you put in the money, the next step is to pull the handle (or press the button if you play slots online) and wait. The outcome is the combination of symbols—if you see the same symbols lying on one reel, you win.

Slots differ by the number of reels and symbols and work thanks to software. All in all, it’s a machine playing against a human or vice versa. So no tactic is required; it’s all about the time and financial means you are open to investing into your luck. 

Skill-Based Games 

Again, when we say a skill-based game, no one denies that lucks is influencing the outcome. Seasoned players know it takes time to become a successful poker player, bet on sports or learn to play blackjack successfully. People who win regularly are familiar with the rules and take time to study and develop the strategy.

We’ll list the most popular casino games that require a certain level of strategic and logical thinking, fast reaction, and the ability to read others


Some say poker is luck-based, as a player can’t influence the hand it gets. That’s partly true, however, experienced players consider poker a game of skill, and a lifestyle. 

Poker rules are not complex, but it still takes time to learn and put them into practice successfully. One critical element is a player’s ability to read other people and bluff. In fact, mastering the art of bluffing is key to winning in poker in the long run. The more you develop this skill, the better player you will become. 


Another ongoing debate in gaming circles is whether we can consider blackjack a skill-based game. As you may already know, the goal in this game is to hit the sum of 21 or get as close as possible to that number, but not exceed it, before the dealer. 

Like poker, you can’t influence what cards you’ll get but what you can do is build a strategy around the odds. Additionally, many casinos offer strategy cards for blackjack, which confirms that it’s not a cardinal mistake to place blackjack among skill-based games. 


What skills allow you to predict where the ball will land inside the roulette wheel? Well, none. So how can we call it a skill-based game? 

Although there’s no formula on how to choose a number to bet on, you can rely on strategies allowing you to minimize or cover some losses. Of course, no one can guarantee success, but if you are a reasonable and responsible player who knows how much they can afford to lose, you’ll be ready to try out some of the roulette strategies. Martingale is the name of the one commonly used. 

A Piece of Advice 

Slots may not require particular skills, while poker does, but as they are both casino games luck has a role in their outcome. However, the more you play, the more comfortable you’ll be, your reaction will be faster, and you’ll be more confident playing with/against others—all these are skills you can even leverage in your everyday life. 

Finally, if you don’t want to rush things, you have patience and a desire to learn, look for online casinos that offer free games. It’s an ideal option to familiarize yourself with options without the risk of losing money.

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