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You have created an account with a bookmaker and you are ready to start betting on sports. But how do you go about it then? We guide you step by step through the sports bets that are offered at the various bookmakers!

Step 1: Looking for an interesting sports match

Most bookmakers have a wide range. A very large offer in fact. There are often about 20 to 30 different sports to bet on. And in all those sports, there are again several competitions, tournaments and competitions that you can choose from. The first step to a good bet is simple: decide what you want to bet on. The most important thing here is that you have enough knowledge of the sport and of the teams/athletes.

For example, make sure you know all the rules. Are you aware of the rules when throwing out a darts match? Or what about the safety car that comes onto the track during a Formula 1 race? The deployment of such a safety car can have consequences for the course of the race.

Knowing the rules is not enough. You also need to know who the favorites are or what someone’s pitfalls are. This helps you to make a good estimate of the match. Because what happens when a football coach sets up that one defender who regularly commits serious violations?

And which rider will show his best side during a mountain stage in the Tour de France? Trust the knowledge you have and let it guide you when looking for a sports betting.

Step 2: Pay attention to the statistics

Even the greatest sports connoisseur does not know everything. But some information is essential for your bet. When you bet on a football match, you want to know, for example, how the mutual duels went in the past or how much ball possession the teams have on average. You probably don’t just have this information ready. Fortunately, at times like these, you can simply fall back on the statistics.

Bookmakers have statistics online for almost every sports game. The data is particularly extensive for popular sports such as football, tennis and basketball. If you take a closer look at the statistics, you may discover that that one top club has a hard time scoring when they play against a certain football team.

The statistics are the perfect basis for any sports bet. So take all the time to analyze the data so that you arrive at the perfect estimate of the match.

Step 3: Which odds lead you to the highest profit?

There are plenty of sports competitions where one is outspoken favorite. When Real Madrid face the bottom line in the Spanish League , few will expect the Madrid to lose. The only question is whether it is wise to bet money on a win for Real. There is a good chance that your bet will yield very little.

While you are analyzing the statistics, you should also pay attention to the odds. Low odds yield little profit. When there are high odds behind a bet, you know for sure that you are taking a risk. With any sports competition, you have to weigh the risk of the bet against the odds. Do you dare to go for a high winning amount or do you prefer to play it safe?

Step 4: Determine your bet

You have selected a match and you know which bet you are going for. But do you already know how much money you are going to bet? Determining the stake is of course very personal. One has a few tens a month available for sports betting, while the other thinks in amounts of thousands of euros.

Whatever your budget, never put all your money on one bet. If you make a wrong estimate, you will immediately lose your entire gambling budget. By cleverly dividing the money over multiple bets, you spread the risk and can easily absorb small losses.

There are several ways in which you can determine your stake for a sports bet. For example, choose a fixed percentage. Or divide your betting budget into small units and determine how many units it is worth per bet. These kinds of guidelines are simple examples of bankroll management.

If you keep a close eye on your gambling budget and be careful with your bets, you have the best chance of being successful in the long run.

Step 5: Fill in the bet slip and make a deal with the bookmaker

In the days when you still went to the cigar farmer around the corner, betting on sports was very clear. You received a bet slip on which you had to tick your prediction, and the store employee then ensured that the form was activated.

Online bookmakers work almost the same. Once you know how high your bet is (and of course what you are going to bet that money on), you can pass on your prediction to the betting office. This is done by means of a bet slip. With most online bookmakers, your betting slip is constantly on the right of the screen.

If you’re only looking for a suitable match, the game sheet is barely noticeable. But that’s going to change once you select the first bet. You will immediately see that it appears on the betting slip. Once you have ticked a bet, you can start entering the bet on the form. The amount that you will collect if your prediction comes true will then automatically appear.

You can add or remove bets from your bet slip at your leisure. You can also simply adjust the bet. As long as you do not submit the form, there is no deal with the betting office yet. Only when you are completely satisfied and you have pressed ‘send’ or ‘place bet’, your bet will arrive at the bookmaker. From that moment on, the rest will take care of itself.

Step 6: Waiting to see if you win or lose

With every bet there are two possible outcomes: you win or you lose. Whatever it is, the bookmaker will make sure everything is handled properly. The work of the bookmaker starts as soon as you submit the game form digitally. The betting company will process your bet and have your stake deducted from your player account. If you lose the bet, nothing more happens. You can only hope for better luck next time. If your prediction comes true, you are of course entitled to a distribution of the profit.

You do not need to contact the bookmaker for this. The systems automatically register that you have won and that the bookmaker has to pay you the amount due. The money will automatically enter your player account. Would you like the winning amount to be transferred to your bank account so that you can really do something with it? You can arrange this via the payout button. It only takes a few working days before you have the money at your disposal.

Step 7: Increase your winnings with a combination bet

Thanks to your sports knowledge, you may be able to win one bet after another. And then it’s time to challenge yourself a bit more, for example with a combination bet. When there is one bet on your bet slip, in the gambling world we are talking about a single bet (or single bet, as you prefer).

Do you like to go for the highest possible profit and do you dare to take some risk? Then simply exchange your single bet for a combination bet (or a multiple bet).

The name says it all. You combine several bets, all of which are placed on the same bet slip. You decide how many bets you combine. The more there are, the higher the potential winning amount. And that amount can add up. The odds of all bets are multiplied by each other.

Three sports bets with odds of 1.50, 2.00 and 2.75 already come to a total of 8.25. A bet of 10 euros can then just yield 72.50 euros in profit. The high odds make the combination bets very popular. But be careful, because you have to get all the predictions right to get the profit. So think carefully about how far you want to go to take advantage of those increased odds.

Step 8: Go for extra excitement with a live bet

Doing good research takes time. If you take your time looking at the different betting options and analyzing the statistics, you can enter the match with confidence. But you only have that time and peace of mind if you go for a pre-match bet and therefore bet money before the match starts.

The peace will disappear if you replace that pre-match bet with a live bet. This is because you bet while the match is in progress. This means that you have to react immediately to what is happening on the football field, tennis court or race track. Live betting requires guts, sharpness and quick decisions.

It brings a lot of extra excitement, which is exactly why more and more gamblers are opting for a live bet. So are sports betting going well? Then definitely replace those pre-match bets with an extra exciting live bet.

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