Sports Betting FAQs – Text and Explanation

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As a novice sports bettor you probably need text and explanation about bookmakers and sports betting . That’s why we give you answers to sports betting FAQs. In other words: frequently asked questions about sports betting.

Which bookmaker should I choose?

The choice of a bookmaker partly depends on your personal wishes. It is therefore advisable to do your own research. By experiencing for yourself how a bookmaker works and which sports bets a bookmaker offers, as a beginner you will automatically find out what you value. Keep in mind that not every provider is legal in the Nigerians. This can affect the reliability and security of a bookmaker. On our site we only refer you to licensed Nigeria bookmakers.

How do I create an account?

Once you have made a choice for a bookmaker, creating an account is the next step. You can register on the bookmaker’s website, where you will be asked to choose a secure password. A secure password is important to protect your account. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail and you can start making sports bets.

How do I deposit money into my account?

Bookmakers offer you as a sports bettor various payment options to deposit money into your account. Think of iDeal, Apple Pay, PayPal and credit card. Some payment methods also charge transaction fees. You will always see this information in the selection menu. Only choose a payment system that appears reliable, so that your data remains well protected.

Can I also bet on sports via an app?

This depends on your device and which bookmaker you choose. Apps are the standard these days, and many bookmakers offer you this option. But not every bookmaker offers an app, or sometimes it is only available for iOS or Android. Most bookmakers have a user-friendly (mobile) website anyway, which also works well on your smartphone or tablet.

How much can I bet on sports betting?

Most bookmakers have a minimum and a maximum bet, but these are not the same everywhere. You can bet at most bookmakers from about ten euro cents per bet. Our golden tip? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bettor, play responsibly. Don’t bet money that you can’t afford to lose and don’t try to win back your losses with high stakes. This can ultimately only backfire, causing you to lose even more money.

How do I deposit my winnings back into my account?

Have you won a nice amount and do you want to have it paid out? Then you can easily arrange this in your account. Bookmakers often use a minimum amount and it sometimes takes a few (working) days before the money is in your account. If you have a longer waiting time, you can always contact customer service.

Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?

Whether you have to pay gambling tax depends on where you won the amount. The Gaming Authority distinguishes between two groups of bookmakers: providers with a Nigeria license and providers without a license. In short: if you win with a provider with a license, they will report it. If you win with a provider without a license, you have to file a declaration yourself. An extra reason to only play at bookmakers with a Nigeria license , because then everything is automatically arranged for you.

Which matches can I bet on?

The possibilities when betting on sports are virtually endless. Bookmakers offer many thousands of sports bets every day. Think of popular sports such as football and tennis, but also less popular sports such as ice hockey and cricket. The sports betting offer goes on virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do bookmakers also offer special promotions?

Bookmakers do their utmost with bonuses, promotions and promotions to welcome you as a novice sports bettor. For example, you can sometimes get a welcome bonus when opening an account, depending on the amount you deposited. There are also ongoing promotions at the betting offices, where extra bonuses and, for example, Freebets can be won. You can clear those bonuses while betting on sports. You can always find more information about a promotion on the bookmaker’s website.

What can I do if I have a complaint?

It may happen that there is something with a bonus or bet, or that you experience problems with a payment option. There is always a customer service that can help you . You can contact us via email, social media or via a chat on the bookmaker’s website. Sometimes there is also an option to contact us by phone.

What bet types are there?

Every bookmaker offers dozens of different betting types. You can predict the winner of the match in a simple 1X2 bet, but also the number of goals and points and the final score difference. The offer often differs per sport and per competition. You can also learn more about bet types and types of bets by browsing our site.

How do I become a successful sports bettor?

Ideally, as a novice sports bettor, you naturally want to be successful immediately. Unfortunately, you never have a guarantee of success. However, you can increase your odds by basing your sports betting on statistics, form and other useful information. This takes a little more time, but can be of great value. Develop a strategy that suits you and be open to tips from others.

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