The fantastic Derby Sevillano

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The Derby Sevillano is a football rivalry between two of the most popular teams in the city of Seville, Spain. Make now some secure online betting Uganda on 1xBet, where all editions of this derby are always covered.

The teams involved are Real Betis and Sevilla FC. The rivalry dates back over 100 years and is considered one of the most intense in Spanish football.

The first official match between the two teams took place in 1910, which ended in a 0-0 draw. Back then there was no unified national Spanish tournament. For this reason, the match was played within the context of the Andalucía and Extremadura tournament. Punters can make secure online betting on 1xBet Uganda at any moment, which also features all teams from the great Spanish La Liga.

Within the context of Spanish football, both Sevilla and Real Betis are considered among the most traditional teams of the country. If you like Spanish football and would like to wager on it, you should know that live sports betting is profitable on 1xBet in all the featured competitions.
The reasons why those teams are considered as such include:
  • Both of them are among the oldest football teams in Spain, with Sevilla being established in 1890 and Betis in 1907;
  • They are the only team from the Spanish province of Andalucía to have won the most important football competitions in the country;
  • Moreover, they are among the top 10 Spanish teams in terms of the number of seasons they have been in the top flight.

Currently, live sports betting on 1xBet is profitable for all punters, and this is especially true when wagering on these two football teams.

Plenty of people who have been on both squads

The first high-profile case of a footballer who played for both Sevilla and Betis took place in 1946. During those years, Betis was having serious financial trouble. For this reason, they were forced to sell their defender Francisco Antúnez to their cross-town rivals. You can play 1xBet slots now while waiting for other football transfers that involve these two squads.

There have been many cases of coaches who have been on both teams too. For example, Antonio Barrios was a manager that in the 1960s helped Betis to climb from the third level back to the top flight of Spanish football. Immediately after securing Betis’ promotion to the first level, he moved to Sevilla to be their manager. Furthermore, Betis was immediately relegated to the second level. Here, Barrios decided to return to Betis and, once again, helped them to secure a new promotion.

Other highly regarded Spanish managers who have coached both teams include Juande Ramos and Luis Aragonés. The 1xBet slots can be played now, before the next edition of the Derbi Sevillano takes place.

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