UK bookmakers: a brief overview of the market

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The UK is the birthplace of the modern sports betting industry. The first bookmakers appeared here in the middle of the 19th century, long before such gambling entertainment became available in Europe and the USA. Today, the UK betting market is considered to be the leading one. Forecasters from all over the world are attracted to local offices by the strict adherence to the rules and a good selection of gambling offers.

Many of the UK bookmakers are in the top 20 international rankings. The most recognizable brand is William Hill. On the site of this company, founded 89 years ago, more than 2 million people make bets per year. In addition to a diverse range of sports betting, players are offered to predict events from the world of politics and show business. There are also casinos, poker tournaments, lotteries.

Other well-known UK betting companies:

  • Bet365. The pre-match line of this bookmaker, which has been accepting online bets since 2001, is considered one of the best. The number of sports represented in it often exceeds 40, while the standard offer rarely reaches 30. The main attention is paid to football, cricket, and horse racing.
  • Ladbrokes Coral. One of the oldest bookmakers in the world, Ladbrokes, began operations at the end of the 19th century. In 2015, the company merged with the popular office Coral, and became the largest bookmaker in the UK as a result. The site also has a casino, poker and bingo.
  • PaddyPower. An Irish firm active on the British market. Known for offering unusual bets, such as predictions for the winner of the US presidential race.
  • Betfair. In addition to betting sites, you can bet on special betting exchanges, the most popular of which is Betfair. The platform was launched in 2000. The difference is that here clients wager with each other directly, and the site only charges a commission. However, since 2013, the Betfair website has also been accepting classic bets.

Top bookmakers can also include Betfred, 10bet and BetVictor.

Availability of British bookmakers for players from other countries

Most British offices do not show much interest in attracting players from Eastern Europe. Their priority is local bettors and clients from Western Europe. Some sites are only accessible when using a VPN or other anonymizers. But there are exceptions. William Hill, Bet365, and Betfair offer multilingual versions of their venues and the ability to play without too many restrictions.

Despite the fact that UK bet companies are attractive for users from Eastern Europe, this is not the best choice. Even in the offices that are most interested in expanding the international audience, disputes may arise, the solution of which may require litigation. Such arbitration requires considerable expenses, and some of them are delayed.


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