What football prediction sites are good at predicting draws?

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What football prediction sites are good at predicting draws?

 Predicting a draw is one of the trickiest things to do in football betting. A match ending in a draw may be the result of several factors. The tipsters who deal in betting services like Over/Under or Correct Score may be good at predicting draws too. Let’s find out the football prediction sites that are comfortable telling outcomes of match that may tie.

How can one select predictions sites for predicting draw?

Selecting the soccer tipping sites that can predict a draw needs close observation of the betting services offered. If the site excels in betting services like Over/Under, 1X2 Fixed odds and Correct Score, it definitely can help in understanding situations that result in a draw. A draw is most likely to be the outcome if the Over/Under is limited to 2 and below. Also, 1×2 Betting has possibility of draw presented in the form of X. Similarly, those matches covered by site where the correct score is not very high may be the good candidates for predicting a draw.

Some of the prediction sites that can be useful in speculating a draw are soccertipsters.net, footballtipster.net, equaliserfootball.com; to quote a popular few.

Which tipsters make good option for predicting draw?

A draw is usually an outcome in those matches where:

  1. The teams are placed in the middle order in ranks tally
  2. Both teams have comparable capacities
  3. If the relegation and staying in the competition can be achieved by sharing a point, the draw is not a remote possibility
  4. Some tournaments are such where the draw match percentage is more than 22%. So, keeping draw in mind while speculating such tournaments’ matches is not an ignorable option.

Some of the tournaments where draw percentage is high are English Premier League, Ligue 1 France, La Liga Italy, and Euro Cup, to quote most researched ones. So, if the tipster is specialist in these tournaments and is predicting a draw, it can be a source of winning bet for you.

What strategies to pick for deciding stakes while predicting a draw?

Mostly people tend to double up the stake amount when they lose a bet to cover the loss. It is risky, but works effectively when choosing a draw bet strategy. This style of betting is called Martingale strategy and works when you have decided to double the stake on a draw when the chances of this event are quite high. The strategy is found to yield triple the amount of investment made previously and can be consolidated by resuming the previous stake amount after the doubled stake.

The second strategy that can be useful in making money from a draw’s possibility is Fibonacci number strategy, where zero is excluded. So, design your stakes in the numbers of their multiples in the Fibonacci sequence, such as, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on. And, do make a point to come back to square one.

The tipsters at the sites which excel in predicting draw can guide on how to design the staking plan; it is up to you to read those subtle hints and make decisions.

How to identify a match where possibility of a draw is high?

There are certain matches where odds move up by same amount for both sides. These are the matches most likely to conclude in a draw. Also, there are certain situations that may help bettors make money from draw:

  1. Two teams with low score records: Mostly, those matches end in a draw where expected goals are few. These days instead of predicting the exact scores, the bettors choose to speculate outcome based on expected goals. Thus, it has become an important feature to study.
  2. Two teams with similar motivation: Insider news and team records help understand the psychological framework of teams. The teams may not score too many goals if their motives are met only by sharing the point.
  3. Two teams with similar game style or strength: If the teams with similar game style or strength contend on the turf, the match will see a very good competition. The fast starting and late scoring teams playing each other keep the chance of draw live till the match’s end.

How soccer tipster sites help in predicting a draw?

Soccer tipster sites may be a good source for understanding if the chances of a match ending in a draw are high. The tipsters drop a few important hints that tilt to the possibility of draw match. For example,

  1. Good success rate for 1×2 Fixed Odds service: You can read tipster records to find how the site has fared in 1X2 Fixed odds prediction. If the research done is strong and the 3-way bets’ results mostly ended in success, the algorithm of the site seems effective consequently. Thus, this odd predicted at site is worth following.
  2. Correct score predicted to be less than 2: If the prediction for correct score favors smaller number of goals, one can think of favoring the odd that ends in draw. The match that is likely to have low scores on the sheets has high chances of ending in a tie. Thus, look for correct score prediction to find draw’s possibility.
  3. Low odds given to draw no bet or draw possibility: Low odds simply mean that the possibility of occurrence of event is fairly high. There is no competition to the fact and that most of the conditions favor the draw outcome. So, understand what is being said about draw no bet or Draw and 2 or 1 bet.


A best football tipster site that can help speculate a draw drops several hints. With experience and practice, you can find whether the draw prediction given at the site is considerable or not. If there are low odds given to draw situation or correct score is predicted to be low, and that success rate for such bets is high, you can have that site as your reference point. Mostly, the sites excelling in predicting EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and other top-tier football matches can be considered good for predicting draws.

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