What is a double chance betting market?

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What is a double chance betting market?

Double chance betting and betting on double chance betting tips are an incredibly popular, and simple way to bet. It is catered perfectly for both new and experienced players, with the needs of the two very different demographics met in this market. As the name suggests, this market means you can double your chances of winning.

What is a double chance betting market? 1

In order to get involved with this type of bet, you simply bet on two outcomes of the match. These outcomes will invariably only include win, draw and loss.

Where this differs from a standard match winner market is you will bet on more than one outcome. In the standard match winner market for Arsenal’s game with Tottenham, you would bet on one of Arsenal to win, Tottenham to win, or a draw. In double chance bet, you can bet on two outcomes, as per the double chance bet tips you are using.

This means you can reduce the risk of your bet losing, as you are covering 66% of the possible outcomes, rather than the 33% that a standard match winner market allows, thus increasing the chances of your double chance football tips winning.

Negatively, double chance bet does often bring with it shorter odds with less value. This is because the chances of you winning your wager are higher.

How to calculate the double chance odds?

Calculating double chance odds is very simple for you to do. With a traditional match winner market, you will have Team A win, Team B win and draw. This market sees you only backing one outcome. With three possible outcomes, you will have a 33.3% (100 divided by 3) chance of winning. In double chance bet you can back any two of home win, away win and draw. By picking two of the three outcomes, you will have a 66.6% chance of winning (two in three), thus doubling your chances of winning with whatever double chance football tips you are using.

How to win on double chance betting market?

When utilizing double chance football tips or backing double chance bet accumulator tips, you need to make sure that you are backing the right tipsters as there are often slimmer margins when looking to make money in a market that sometimes carries with it less value. Of course, if you want to try to maximize the value you can get back from betting on double chance markets, you could back double chance bet accumulator tips, although, as with any long accumulator, you are likely to risk your money more than if you just backed some best double chance predictions as individual bets.

To bet on double chance football tips, you will likely see terms like ‘home team win and draw’ or ‘1X’, ‘draw and away team win’ or ‘X2’ and ‘home team win and away team win’ or ’12’. Below is a quick explanation of what these terms mean.

Home team win and draw or 1X

Here, you will have backed the home team to win along with a draw. If Arsenal were hosting Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium, you would win if Arsenal win or if there is a draw. If Tottenham (the away side) were to win, your bet would lose.

Draw and away team win or X2

In this bet, you are backing the game to end in a draw, or for the away team to win. If Arsenal are hosting Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium, your bet would win if the game ends in a draw, or if Tottenham win the match. If the home team, Arsenal, were to win, your bet would lose.

Home team win and away team win or 12

Here, you are betting on the result ending in either the home team winning, or the away team winning. Therefore, if Arsenal are hosting Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium, and Arsenal win or Tottenham win, your bet would win. You will lose your money if the match ends in a draw.

In order to make the most out of this market, you simply have to be aware of the statistics. First, you need to check the form of the two teams. If one side comes into this one on the back of a huge winning run, while the other has struggled for points, then it probably is not the greatest idea to back 12. However, if the team that is struggling has drawn five of their last 10, you could hedge your bets and back the strong home side and a draw (1X).

You also need to work out who the favourites for the game are. Of course, any bookmaker will show you who the favourite is in the betting, but if you look deeper into recent results between the sides along with historic results, you could find that a certain side is a bogey team for the other outfit. If you think you have picked out a weak team that has historically given their bigger opponents problems in the past, it may be worth backing the underdog, who will likely have pretty good odds.

You should also do your best to wager on matches that are very tight. This means that your pay-out will likely be better if you bet on a match that is closer to call. For example, if you bet on Manchester City to beat Burnley, then the odds will be very short, whereas if you are betting on slight underdogs Everton to beat Manchester United and for the match to be a draw, the odds will likely be longer. Betting on matches where there are no huge outright favourites will invariably give you a better payout should you win.

What are the Advantages of double chance bet?

Like many other betting markets, double chance bet and double chance tips can offer excellent value if utilized correctly. Therefore, first you must use the best double chance predictions when betting. You can also use double chance bet accumulator tips if you want to increase the value and risk in your bets. The advantages of getting involved with double chance bet betting are:

Lower Risk

The fact you are backing two out of the three possible outcomes in the match immediately gives you a big boost in your chances of winning. Of course, it is not a certainty that you will win, but if you are able to back two out of the three possible outcomes, then you boast a 66.6% chance of winning, as opposed to a 33.3% chance in a standard match winner market. As mentioned, the risk is lower in double chance bet, which is why so many people choose to back double chance football tips and double chance bet accumulator tips.

Higher value

This one only really works out if you are backing the underdog in the match. The reason we love football so much is the fact that Manchester City could have won 30 out of 30, scoring five goals a game, but they could come up against lowly Fulham and the Cottagers would go into the game with a chance of winning. The inability to call a match with certainty makes it incredibly exciting, while it can see bettors win big.

The big boys in a game could go into a match as massive odds-on favourites, but the fact they have just returned from a draining match in the Champions League, they are missing their star striker, or historic results going against the bigger side can all come into play in this one. This is where backing the right double chance football tips can see you really find the value.

For example, if Aston Villa are playing Liverpool, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Reds would walk all over Villa. However, with a double chance bet, you would back Liverpool to win, while you would usually go for a draw, which is more realistic than a win for Villa. However, in the 2020/21 season clash between Liverpool and Villa, the latter came out on top as they thrashed their opponents 7-2. Of course, few would have called Villa to win this one, but if you had, you would have seen some decent value.

Are there any disadvantages of double chance bet?
Yes, of course, there are downsides to double chance bets. The main downside is the fact that the odds will not usually be as long as many other markets. This is entirely down to the fact that you can back the first and second most likely outcome in a game, meaning your chances of winning are far higher. You should, of course, keep in mind the fact that the higher chances of winning outweigh the smaller odds, meaning eventual big profits are on the cards.

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