What is the best way to gamble profitably

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Betting on sports events is done by millions of people worldwide. It ensures that the matches get extra excitement and of course you hope to earn a little extra. But the latter is reserved for few gamblers. In our new section ‘How do you make money with sports betting’ we try to help you on your way to actually earn money with sports betting.

To be a successful gambler, you must of course understand what you are betting on. There are so many possible bets to choose from that it is sometimes made too difficult for you to make a choice. And that is also the first pitfall. Make choices and do not bet on all betting options.

In this section we take betting on football as a starting point. You can bet on the winner of the match, the number of goals, the phase in the match when the goal is scored, the scorer, the exact score and so on. So many choices, but the safest is to bet on the minimum number of goals scored in the match. If you get to know clubs and know if they play attacking football, score easily, have finishers in the team, then those are already important ingredients to bet on a certain number of minimum goals in the match.

How do you know which teams to play on

Every year we put the ‘nicest’ clubs of each competition on our list. These are clubs where the goals are easy, an attacking style of play is used every match and where top scorers are in the front line. As an example we take Ajax and PSV from the Netherlands and we have seen a lot of goals in the past year at Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen. In England, Manchester City and Liverpool often gave us profits. But we also have our favorites in smaller countries. In Norway it is Molde and Bodo Glimt and in Switzerland it is Young Boys. But also in Iceland there are a number of teams where every round is prize shooting.

This way you can make an analysis of each country. Of course you have to look carefully at every match who the opponent is. A home match of Bayern Munich against Greuter Fürth at the bottom of the table yields more goals than an away match against Eintracht Frankfurt. And this is how you choose your matches per day or for a few days in advance. Our favorite betting option is over 2.5 goals (minimum three goals regardless of which team scores), but sometimes over 3.5 is easy to achieve and obviously gives you a much higher odd. If in doubt, you can choose the betting option on 1.5 goals.

Play single or in combination?

If you have selected a number of matches, the next question is to play them separately, single, or in a combination. We advise you to play single matches with odds higher than 2.00. If you have a number of matches with a lower odd, you can play them in a combination to create a high odd.

Calculation example: You play five single bets of €10 each. The odd per bet is 1.50. You end up with 3 right and 2 wrong. That means that with € 50, you only get 45, – back while you have a percentage of 67% right. If you had played these five bets single but with an odd of 2.00 per bet, you would get €60 back and make a small profit overall.

Be careful not to make your combos too big. We usually don’t make them bigger than three games together. To give an example, we go back to Thursday evening 2 June. On our website we had placed the best football betting tips for that day and Friday. The odds per prediction varied between 1.40 and 1.90. We then made the following combination:

South Korea – Brazil Over 1.5 goals Brazil (odd 1.60)

Serbia – Norway Over 0.5 goals Norway (odd 1.50)

Czech Republic – Switzerland Over 1.5 goals total (odd 1.40)

By playing these three matches in a combi we have created an odd of 3.36. With a bet of €50, we got back the nice amount of €168. If you had played these games separately with a bet of €20 per bet, you would have had to bet a total of €60 and only € 30 profit taken. Of course you run a slightly higher chance of things going wrong, because you have to get all three games right. But with our weekly success rate of about 75%, there is always a combination that works.

Be mentally strong

In our next section, we’ll take a closer look at the mental toughness you need to be a successful gambler. Due to the large online offer, you could bet day and night, but that is logically not profitable. It’s nice when you win a bet, but stop it and look at the times when you think there will be fun games coming up that can be profitable.

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