Why there are no sure bets, but value bets are so important!

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Nowadays sports betting is more popular than ever before. In recent years, the entire industry has been able to grow continuously. This has naturally been accompanied by a growth in the number of people who engage in sports betting for entertainment or even as a profession. However, only a small minority can actually achieve long-term profits. In order to be successful, many different factors have to be taken into account. Among other things, the type of bet turns out to be decisive.  

Whether specialised knowledge, self-discipline or analytical skills – the basics for success in sports betting are complex. A suitable strategy is also important. In addition to the choice of the bookmaker, the type of bet is also of great importance. Especially popular are lucrative free bets. Despite low stakes, such bets promise attractive profits. No bet in the world offers complete security. But there are certainly promising approaches.   

Strategy for success: choosing the right bet 

Once you have found a suitable bookmaker, there is basically nothing standing in the way of placing a bet. However, beginners in sports betting in particular tend to place their own bets on their favourite teams. This quickly leads to losses.  

Betting on your favourite team can of course increase the fun of watching the game. However, such bets do not make much sense if you actually want to make a profit in the long run. There is no strategy or knowledge behind it, only pure emotion. In the long run, painful losses will almost certainly be incurred. 

Bets on favourites declared as supposedly safe can turn out to be extremely dangerous. Here, the offered ratio between odds and possible profit makes for more than bad forecasts. It is no longer a secret that sports betting providers make the biggest profits with losing bets on favourites. Every day not only the highest odds but also the smallest odds between 1.05 and 1.15 fail. Accordingly, small profits may be made at the beginning. In the long run, however, such a betting strategy will lead to financial losses.  

Of course, good preparation can help. On the internet you can find numerous templates for strategies and other tips concerning sports betting. Sometimes even complete betting forecasts are published. In the beginning, it is important for sports betting beginners not only to gain initial experience, but also to deal with the subject of sports betting in a professional manner. Without a promising strategy, it is impossible to achieve long-term financial success with sports betting.  

Such a strategy has already helped real sports betting professionals to earn their own living. With expert knowledge and a promising plan, making your own profits in sports betting is not impossible. However, only very few people manage to do so. Of course, it is also clear that no strategy in the world can guarantee quick betting success without taking risks. It is much more a matter of optimising one’s own betting behaviour and thus maximising the chances of winning. 

Not all bets are the same, some contain value 

When amateur sports bettors place their bets, individual emotions often play a decisive role. Many bet mainly on clubs that are close to their own hearts. However, in order to make the leap to more promising and professional betting, one’s own bet must be placed rationally and exclusively with the aim of maximising profits. Logic and reason dominate here. Ideally, each bet placed represents a part of a larger strategy.  

So-called value bets have proven to be particularly lucrative in the past. This type of bet is considered an attractive way to make long-term profits through simple sports betting. Value bets are often presented as safe bets. However, value bets are not entirely safe. Accordingly, profitable comes much closer to a fitting description.  

The advantage of value bets is that the bookmakers’ subjective probability of occurrence is lower than the actual probability of occurrence in the real world. Put more simply, value bets are a kind of odds outlier by the bookmakers. Such bets open up the lucrative possibility of using the discrepancy between estimated probability and factual probability to make long-term profits thanks to mathematical laws.  

Without factoring in the bookmaker’s margin, an offered 2.0 odd represents a 50 percent probability of winning. If it is personally assessed that the sportsman or team has significantly higher chances of success, a bet is placed on the favoured party. 

Long-term experience of competent sports betting professionals has proven that in the end only such value bets guarantee a safe and stable betting return in the long run. An important prerequisite is, of course, that the necessary expertise within the sport in which bets are placed is available.  

Reasons for the non-existence of safe bets 

With the belief that every betting slip can bring in safe profits, one will not be able to celebrate success through sports betting. Rather, one must realise that every type of bet contains its own risks. Even the biggest favourite loses a game sometimes. Even the most promising and lucrative value bets can fail. No wonder that in sport in general it is true that in the end things often turn out differently than you think! 

Despite the most thorough research, bets can fail. Individual athletes or even entire teams can have a bad day. The goal of any promising sports betting strategy should therefore be to be able to achieve constant financial profits in the long run. Only in this way is it possible to keep the fun of sports betting in the long term without having to run the risk of going bankrupt.  

Accordingly, it is crucial to inform oneself early on about supposedly safe and rather uncertain bets. As everywhere, good preparation is the main thing. However, the actual value of a betting system can only be recognised after a considerable amount of time. With competence, patience and the right strategy, it is nevertheless possible to stay on the winning track in the long run. 

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