Win To Nil Betting Explained (2021)

A Win To Nil bet is a popular type of football betting market / wager. It sets the condition that not only do you need to pick out the winner in a match, but that they will win without conceding a goal as well.

To Win To Nil meaning

To Win To Nil simply means that the winning team in a match doesn’t concede. Think of a 1-0, a 2-0 or a 3-0 scoreline for example. They are all instances of a team producing a victory ‘to nil’.

How does a Win To Nil bet work?

It doesn’t matter how many goals that the winning team in a match scores. As long as they win without letting the opposition get on the score sheet, then all is good. Think of the bet being the sum of two parts.

You are backing a team to win the fixture you are backing a clean sheet to be made by the team that you backed to win.

Win To Nil Betting Explained (2021) 1

Consider defensive form

Whilst it’s important to select a team that are favourites to win a fixture, you also need to consider the team’s defensive record. Some teams score a lot of goals but also concede plenty of goals.

To recap, we need the favourite to win with a clean sheet for our win to nil bet to come in.

Before you place any win to nil bets, you should check the goals against stat for the favourite. You can also check out how many clean sheets they’ve kept.

Last season, Liverpool let in the least number of goals standing at just 22. They were closely followed by Man City on 23. These are two teams to consider placing win to nil bets on.

Consider attacking quality

So we know we need to look at the defensive form of the favourite, but we should also consider the attacking form of the underdog.

Some weaker opponents in the Premier League sometimes score quite a few goals. Whilst this isn’t the case for all teams, it’s still important to consider.

In this regard, it’s advisable to check the goals for stats for the underdog. As it stands, Watford is the Premier League team with the least number of goals scored.

Check team news

Another tip that will help you land more win to nil bets is to check team news and selections. Specifically, you should look for any players that are injured or aren’t playing for one reason or another.

This is especially important if these players are key to a team’s attack or defence.

In this vein, you should also consider whether certain strikers or defenders are playing well. You can soon read up on this information by checking out match reviews or watching match of the day.

Don’t make assumptions

After reading this article, you may head to your favourite bookmaker and place a win to nil bet on a team like Man City, Liverpool, Barcelona or Real Madrid. Whilst all these teams are incredibly strong outfits, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win your bet.

You need to look at the stats and use the above tips to analyse whether the fixture is worth placing a win to nil bet on.

In simple terms, don’t pick a fixture just because a class A team are playing.


Win to nil betting is a great choice for punters who are interested in the statistics of football. However, any bettor can use this format to place their football bets.

As long as you carefully analyse who’s playing and whether you have a chance of landing your bet, you’ll be successful with this strategy.

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