Ajax must request a dispensation from UEFA for the arrival of Ihattaren’

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Ajax must request a dispensation from UEFA for the arrival of Ihattaren’

Ajax has had to request compensation from UEFA for the arrival of Mohamed Ihattaren (19). The winger was already under contract this season with PSV (for which he also played), Juventus and Sampdoria: and three clubs is in principle the maximum number of clubs that a player may wear out per one season.

Nevertheless, he can make minutes for Ajax if it comes to an agreement with all parties, because according to De Telegraaf , Ihattaren has now received the green light from the European Football Association to play for a fourth club. Ajax is clearly on the fence for Ihattaren, although it has been quiet for a while around the arrival of the former PSV player.

Since he has not played for Juventus and Sampdoria this season, UEFA is more likely to cooperate with such a request. According to Valentijn Driessen, he has only been to Juventus ‘overnight’ and was therefore UEFA lenient. According to the journalist of the national daily newspaper, the inspection of Ihattaren is still pending. “But if it were rejected, it has nothing to do with its weight,” said journalist Mike Verweij.

The deal between Ajax, Juventus and Ihattaren is therefore not yet complete, but it is expected that it will happen before the transfer deadline (next Monday January 31). Recently, Ihattaren has been working on his fitness with former international Gerald Vanenburg. When the presentation is scheduled, has not yet been shared.

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