Canadian Casinos Offer Fantastic Promotions Worth the Try

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Few business sectors are as highly competitive as online casinos. Thanks to ease of access and a popular product, the battle between platforms to differentiate themselves and get an edge over rivals is fierce indeed. From better mobile provision to a wider array of games and banking methods, online casinos do their utmost to present potential newcomers with the most intriguing prospects. And players in Canada and around the world can benefit from this high degree of competition thanks to great introductory promos.

Match Deposit Welcome Offers

Players have benefited tremendously from this state of play, and one of the most common types of promos come from first deposit bonus online casino sites. These sites offer welcome bonuses that are activated upon an initial deposit being made by a new player. The specifics vary a lot, so it’s important to check the fine print and learn how to recognize a good welcome offer because there’s a lot from which to pick and no player should ever settle for an introductory promotion that is second rate or dubious.

The most common approach is for an online casino site to offer a 100% deposit match up to a certain threshold (often a couple of hundred dollars). This means that the casino adds another dollar for every dollar a player deposits. If that sounds too good to be true, effectively doubling a bankroll, that’s because this will come with some terms and conditions. While these are usually reasonable, it’s always wise to check the details to ensure nothing nefarious lurks in the small print.

Recurring Match Deposits

Most of the time, match deposit promotions are available as a welcome bonus to new players to help attract potential members to sign up at a given site. However, to help retain player loyalty over the longer term, some sites also offer match deposit deals on a recurring basis (often weekly). While the upper limits and rates tend to be less generous than the best CA first deposit bonuses, these still offer an incentive to players to stick around at a given site and benefit from a loyalty bonus with a little something for nothing. The fact that the promotions occur on a regular basis provides a reward for players to continually stick around, play games, and deposit more cash. The same type of terms and conditions as for the welcome promos apply, with specifics varying according to offer and casino. While these are a definite perk, it’s important to make the most of welcome bonuses as these tend to be significantly better than the recurring type of match deposit promo.

Free Spins and Free Cash

Welcome match deposit deals are often bundled with free spins (less frequently, free cash). Free spins do exactly what they say on the tin and are typically tied to a specific slot game. Free cash is more flexible and can be used on almost everything in a casino. In addition to the general terms and conditions elaborated upon below, free cash and match deposit promos may or may not include progressive jackpot slots. Players dreaming of a lottery-sized big win should check this before playing as there’s nothing more irritating than the thought of ‘winning’ literally millions only to discover a promotion has a withdrawal cap of a couple of hundred dollars. Just as with match deposit deals, free spins/cash can also be offered on a regular basis, although free spins are far more commonplace.

Better Odds Online

Canadians considering whether to play at a land-based or real world casino would do well to remember that one of the biggest perks of playing online is that the odds are actually slightly better. This is because there are fewer costs associated with an establishment in cyberspace than in the real world, which means that a lower house edge equates to the same level of profitability. In turn, this makes online casinos more attractive to players and often persuades those who have the choice of whether to play at a brick-and-mortar or online casino to opt for the latter.

Terms and Conditions

Whether betting on sports or casino games, finishing ahead can be difficult. The attraction of welcome and other bonuses is that they significantly improve the chances of turning in a profit. Still, there are associated terms and conditions that do need to be checked. As mentioned above, the game list should be consulted, as should the expiry date, but the two main conditions are the withdrawal cap and the wagering requirement.

The withdrawal cap is very straightforward and is the upper limit on withdrawals of bonus cash and related winnings. Occasionally, promotions will not have such a cap, but it is to be expected. In addition, bonuses that allow progressive jackpot games to be played often have a specific exemption in case said jackpot is won, and this should definitely be checked if a player intends to try their hand at such a game.

The wagering requirement is the main condition that needs to be satisfied on the journey from promo to profits. Expressed as a multiple of the bonus’ value (such as 30x), the wagering requirement is the total sum that must be placed in bets before the promo or associated winnings can be withdrawn. A $100 deal with a 30x wagering requirements (the standard level) means $3,000 must be wagered. The lower the wagering requirement, the better. An obscenely high WR such as 200x makes it far more time-consuming to try and satisfy the condition and massively reduces the chances of finishing ahead, thanks to the house edge.

New players should make the most of the generous introductory promotions online casinos offer and be bold and open to the market for the best deals.

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