Manchester police report new suspicions against Mason Greenwood

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Mason Greenwood is now also suspected of sexual assault and making death threats. In a new statement, Greater Manchester Police provide an update on ‘a man in his twenties’, without naming the Manchester United attacker. He was already arrested on suspicion of raping and assaulting his girlfriend Harriet Robson and two charges have now been added.

“Police officers have been given more time to speak to a man in his 20s who has been arrested on suspicion of raping and assaulting a woman. The suspect was taken into custody on Sunday, January 30, after we were informed of footage on social media posts posted by a woman and reported physical assault,” the police statement said.

“He will continue to be questioned, as we have received judicial clearance until tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 2). As a result of our investigation so far, he has also been arrested on suspicion of assault and making death threats. The investigation is ongoing and the victim remains professional. get support.” On Sunday, Greenwood was arrested and removed from the squad by his club. He is not training and playing for the time being.

After the news of the additional suspicions against Greenwood, Manchester United have published a new statement, although it carries the same message as before. “Manchester United reiterate their strong disapproval of any form of violence,” the Premier League club said. “As communicated at an earlier stage, Mason Greenwood will not train and play for the club until further notice.”

The case came to a head when images and audio clips appeared on Harriet Robson’s Instagram account on Sunday morning that pointed to domestic violence. The images show how Robson has suffered a wound in her face. Some bruises were also visible on her body and an audio fragment was shared in which she could be heard together with Greenwood. The attacker threatened to rape her. The images have since been removed from the account.

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