Napoli believe Politano does not want to leave for Valencia

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Napoli’s sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli spoke during Leo Ostigard’s presentation about the situations of Fabián Ruiz and Matteo Politano. He wants the first to stay and understands that the second doesn’t want to leave for Valencia. The last one is the most striking because your agent has already said that it is not so clear.

Will Fabián and Politano stay at Napoli or do they have more options to leave? It is interesting to study it because there is plenty of material to do it. The press spoke, spoke with the agent of the second mentioned, and spoke of the sporting director of the team. As far as Fabián Ruiz is concerned, he has already been duly informed.

Valencia is interested in him, this is the first revealed by several newspapers. The confirmation came from his own agent, Mario Giufreddi , who in a few days went by to mention the desire of the “ches” to stay with him, openly saying that there is a 50% chance that he will leave the “azzurro” set.

To this set of information, we must now add some statements from the club’s sporting director, Cristiano Giuntoli. During Leo Ostigard’s presentation, as is often the case on these occasions, he gave an update on the market and was questioned by the protagonist of this news. He surprised with the announcement that he wanted to stay.

“We’ve never discussed his position. If someone wants to leave, they don’t want to stay at Napoli, and it’s not the case with Politano, we’re willing to hear offers, we’re open to anything,” he said. At Mestalla, the part of his thoughts that will have pleased him most is that he promises an exit if asked.

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