Predict number of goals with Over/Under football betting

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Predict number of goals with Over/Under football betting

Over/Under bets

Football betting comes in all kinds of different types. Just click on a random match at your bookmaker and you will immediately see a large number of betting options appear. One of these is the so-called Over/Under (or ‘Higher/Lower’) bet. It doesn’t matter which team takes the win in the end. There is only one thing that counts in this bet: the number of goals scored during the match.

What is an Over/Under bet?

Over/Under is on paper one of the easiest bets to find in the world of football gambling . After all, you don’t have to determine exactly what the final score will be or how many goals there will be. You just have to predict whether the number of goals is higher or lower than the predetermined norm. Suppose you bet money on a match between Ajax and PSV and you bet over/under 2.5.

The question is then simply whether you think there will be 2 or fewer goals during the match or that there will be at least 3 goals. For this bet it is not interesting which team scores. The goals of both teams are simply added together. Do you choose ‘over 2.5’ and the match ends in 2-2? Then you run off with the win.

Go for a simple or challenging variant

The frequently played bet over/under 2.5 can be found at almost every bookmaker . But this is certainly not the only betting option in the over/under betting type. From ‘under 0.5’ to ‘over 5.5’: you can make it as difficult (or easy) as you want. And that is also the big advantage of this type of bet.

For beginners, Over/Under betting is a great way to get acquainted with football betting, while experienced gamblers can look for more risks. As always, the greater the risk, the greater the profit.

Which bets can you take?

With the advent of online gambling, the range of bookmakers has expanded. You will also notice this if you want to make an Over/Under bet. Originally, the Over/Under bets were meant for the number of goals. However, that is no longer the only thing you can bet on. How about the number of corners or the number of cards, for example? These types of bets are very suitable for the Over/Under variant.

Increase the winnings with a multiple bet

Compared to other bets, the odds of winning at Over/Under are relatively high. Anyone who makes a good estimate of the match can predict whether there will be many or few goals. That is why the odds per bet are usually not very high. In general it is somewhere between 1.50 and 2.20, although there are of course exceptions.

Do you want to increase profits a bit? This is possible with a multiple bet. Higher/Lower bets, So don’t just go for that one match between Ajax and PSV, but combine it with one or two other duels from the Eredivisie. Because a multiple bet automatically results in a higher odds. You do not have to limit yourself to Over/Under bets.

It is also possible to place the bet slip to be completed with a regular 1×2 bet. Or maybe you choose a second match where you bet with an Asian Handicap . Make combinations and the odds will automatically increase.

Tips for winning with Over/Under bets

Anyone who has ever gambles on football knows that you should not just listen to your gut. For an Over/Under bet you really don’t have to follow all the football news to be able to win. However, it is wise to pay attention to a number of points before you bet money.

  1. Take a look at the goal difference of the previous matches: Every match is different, of course. But it is a fact that some teams score more easily than others. Take a look at the average number of goals from previous matches for both clubs. This way you can better estimate whether you should sit on the high or low side.
  2. Determine the importance of the teams: Ideally you would like to see a fanatical battle between two teams every match. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes a team simply has more interest in keeping the number of goals conceded at 0. As a result, very few goals will be scored in the game.
  3. Opt for a home game of the favourite: Home crowd can give a team wings. If the favorite plays in their own stadium, it is therefore very likely that more goals will be scored than in an away game. This only increases the chance that there will be more than 2 goals in total.

These tips will help you increase your chances of winning on Over/Under bets. But luck will of course always play a major role. And that is exactly what makes betting on football so much fun.

Is an Over/Under bet right for you?

There are pros and cons to each type of bet. The same goes for the Over/Under bet† The biggest advantage is of course that only two outcomes are possible. You don’t have to make complicated analyses, because with a little knowledge of the football world you can come a long way.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if another team wins than expected. It is about the total number of goals and not about the performance of each team individually. Finally, there are also a surprising number of different bets. One time you focus on the number of goals and the next time you may be betting your money on the number of offsides.

In terms of disadvantages, there is one essential point to mention: the low odds. Because only two outcomes are possible, you run little risk. And that is reflected in the amount of money to be won. While you can boost your winnings by making it a multiple bet, this is often not interesting enough for the experienced gambler. It is mainly novice and recreational gamblers who like to choose this type of bet. Is an Over/Under bet right for you? Just try it out and you’ll see for yourself!

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