What are half-time/full-time football betting?

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What are half-time/full-time football betting?

In most football betting, you bet on one element of the match. f you determine the final result ò f you predict the number of corners or you bet your money on the top scorer. The half-time/full-time bets (often simply referred to as HT/FT) are an exception in that regard. This is because you immediately make two bets. This is a very interesting option, especially for the experienced gambler.

How does a half-time/full-time bet work?

With half-time/full-time there is a double bet: you predict which team will lead at halftime and who will ultimately win. Only if both predictions come true will you go home with the win. It may sound like quite a task to determine both the halftime and the final score. But luckily you don’t have to specify exactly how many goals will be scored with the half-time/full-time bet. You basically have three options at the end of both halves:

1: The home team leads or wins
X: At the end of the half it is a draw
2: The away team has a lead or wins
The trick is therefore to estimate the course of the match as accurately as possible. Because the fact that a team wins does not automatically mean that there is already a lead after the first half. And that is precisely what makes the half-time/full-time bet so difficult.

What does such a double bet do for the odds?

A football match lasts 90 minutes (with exceptions of course). A lot can happen in those 90 minutes. Just look at the Eredivisie match between Feyenoord and AZ from the 2014/2015 season. Feyenoord seemed to be supreme from the first minute, and yet it was 0-2 behind at halftime. Luck was clearly on the side of AZ in that first half. But in the end Feyenoord managed to fight back to a 2-2 draw. A surprising course of the match? Secure. The chance that you had estimated this correctly in advance is therefore not very great.

That is why you are also heavily rewarded if you win the bet.Oddsover 20.00 and even 30.00 are not at all uncommon in half time/full time betting. A 1/1 or X/1 bet does not yield very much. But what if you expect the home team to take the lead before half-time and the opponent still manages to win? With such a crazy course of the match you can make a lot of profit in one go.

These are the options for half-time/full-time bets
The half time/full time bet is based on the regular 1X2 bet. The number of goals is not important here. You only decide who wins: the home team, the away team or will it be a draw? Only with the half-time/full-time bets you have many more options to enter on your betting slip. These are the options to choose from:

  • 1/1: The home team already takes the lead in the first half. In the second half, the opponent is unable to change this, so that the home team wins.
  • 1/X: A goal in the first half gives the home team the lead. The opponent puts everything on everything and makes a draw in the second half.
  • 1/2: It’s off to a good start for the home team. The lead with which they go into halftime should have a motivating effect. However, the match is ultimately lost.
  • X/1: In the first half, the teams keep each other in balance. But it is the away team that takes the win in the second half.
  • X/X: Will it stay 0-0? Or will there be a hard fight and the match will end in 1-1 or 2-2? Whatever it is, both at half time and after the final whistle has sounded, it is a draw.
  • X/2: After the first half, it is still far from clear who will win. The score is the same, but that will change after the break. The away club scores and takes the points home.
  • 2/1: A football match can go either way. If you enter 2/1 on the betting slip, you think the away team will take the lead in the first half and eventually lose.
  • 2/X: Fans who come to cheer on a team in their own stadium have a hard time in the first half. The away team scores more goals before halftime than the home team. But the match still ends in a draw.
  • 2/2: The away club dominates the match. In the first half there is an immediate lead and they do not relinquish that after the break.

Makes an analysis of the match

Every football team has its own playing style. Some teams immediately go on the hunt to take the lead as quickly as possible. Although there are also plenty of clubs that use the full 90 minutes and don’t worry about a quick hit in the opening minutes. Just when the opponent starts to get tired in the second half, this is a good moment for them to strike. A smart way to win a half-time/full-time bet is to analyze the playing style of both teams. Who wants to score quickly and who likes to take it easy in the first half? Of course, the interests of the teams also play a major role. In some matches, a club simply has to win, for example to remain the leader in the Eredivisie. The motivation is then extra great, which means that they probably enter the competition more fanatically than they normally do.

Who is this half-time/full-time bet suitable for?

There are some of the bookmakers that offer half time/full time bets. And because of the high odds, it is attractive to try this betting type for yourself. Are you not yet that experienced with football betting? In that case, it is better to let the half-time/full-time bet pass you by. The regular 1X2 bet and the Over/Under bets are much more suitable for novice players. But if you really want to challenge yourself and go for a big profit, the half-time/full-time bet might be for you. With the necessary knowledge of the football world and the ability to properly estimate a match in advance, you can go a long way.

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